In this year of 2023 everyone is save their time and make their work very efficiently and effectively accurate, in the life of a student, it is necessary for them now to compete with their schoolmate’s and college mates, they could grow further.

If you are a student at a college or a  School, then you must have got some projects to do. The project of any field, there you need to take help and you want to win the competition, so you try to search the best answer for the topic in online.

There comes TextSheet in play it helps us to search for anything on which we have been given project. Let us now learn more about TextSheet.Then we will go and discuss the alternatives of TextSheet.

What is Textsheet? was an educational website that was very popular among school and college students. The main promise of the site is, it could provide answers for college & school projects, homework assignments, and everything in-between.

Essentially giving the user the edge when it came to all school work that wasn’t a test or exam. This website got massive popularity in students and teachers in a very short time. The website provides all the solutions to students absolutely for free.

The website worked through API technology. And the application program interface (API) is a set of routines, protocols, and tools for building software applications. Basically, an API specifies how software components should interact with each other. Additionally, APIs are used by programming graphical user interface (GUI) components.

Why TextSheet shutdown?

TextSheet was provide the answers and solutions of Chegg, which is an alternative website to TextSheet online practice paper. The answer, which is given by TextSheet, to students by using Chegg API, whenever someone wrote down the URL of the problem in the search box of TextSheet.

The TextSheetwebsite has been brought down due to the copyright issues claimed by the Chegg. The DMCA ( Digital Millennium Copyright Act, is a 1998, United States copyright law, that implements to 1996, treaties of the World Intellectual Property Organization ), copyright violation caused by the Textsheet to take down from the internet entirely.

Text sheet Alternative Educational Site for Students

The question is what to use rather than the text sheet? what are the websites that we can use instead of TextSheet? Or, any application which is available on play store or iOS Apple store which can be used in place of TextSheet.

Fortunately, there are a lot of sites that are accessible out there, which you can use rather than Textsheet. Since the Textsheet brought down, We have to find something to make the student’s life easier. Here you have options of text sheet alternatives to find out textbooks home-works, assignments, and other studies materials. We will now see the other alternatives of Textsheet one by one and discuss in detail.




Slader is much popular among US Students. You find step-by-step solutions for your question and across thousands of textbooks for different subjects with complete clarifications of them. It is continuously improving the quality of content, and expanding solutions, products to help students in the best method for the problem of them.

The Slader founded as a perfect middle ground between hiring an expensive tutor and mindlessly copying the answers, out of the back of your textbook – students get the specific help they need on the specific problem that’s escaping them. You can use Slader for your mathematical problem in your school or college.

We would love to tell you that Slader has worked hard for Students of college and schools. It contains answers for every age students from middle school to higher college. It is effortless to find the answers on Slader. All you have to do is to scan the barcode of your textbooks or type the title of your books.

After you do the process, You will find all the relevant answers to the problems you want. You get the answers of integral maths, trigonometry, linear algebra, statistics and probability, precalculus pre-algebra, algebra, calculus, advanced mathematics, college algebra, geometry and much more different part of mathematics.

In science, you can search for physiology, anatomy, organic chemistry, Earth science, chemistry, physics, biology, physical science and much more. The other art subjects like world history, US History, Spanish, European history and economics are which you can search for on Slader.

Course Hero

The other alternative of text sheet is course Hero. Course hero is well organized to discover a course, notes and answer to your questions very quickly. The best platform for studying and downloading study material is Course Hero. It has more than 25 million of course study material as it says on its website.

You are a student, you easily find study resources by just typing your school name or by the subject or the books name and you can even use filters to filter the comments by the questions, courses and explanations and even study documents. You can also download any document that you wish to download from this website. But before downloading any document you should first sign into the Course Hero website.

Course Hero gives you step by step explanations for every question and every subject that you wish to study. The subject, which you search for it, from economics to literature you can search for biology we can search for history accounting and psychology and everything in between which comes in your mind.

course Hero help you quickly find what you need, you can learn very deeply about the specific topic or subject. They provide you with 24/7 teaching help. So if you live in India or USA doesn’t matter, you can learn anything at any time on Course Hero.

studylib (Study Library)


The other alternative to Textsheet is studylib (Study Library). You can search for solved assignment and homework solutions on this website. After downloading, the notes share it with your friends, who need it.  studylib is a service for document publication and storage, which are loaded by users who use this website.

With you can download and store important documents for free, as well as post them on their websites and share through social networks with your friends. It covers a large number of the subject, which includes mathematics, social science, business studies, engineering and technology, science, history and miscellaneous other subjects.

you can add papers and other documents in your account if you sign in to your account. If you do not have access to studylib you need to sign up to studylib first. You can sign up for studylib absolutely for free. We have discussed Slader in the above sections and I have used both of them, comparing two Slader this is a complex website. You use this website because it is free and you can share all the documents that you download to your friends absolutely for free.


One other alternative to Textsheet is Chegg. You are college or school student and you have classes and you have some assignments, then Chegg can help you to do it very easily. As the website Chegg covers 80 plus subjects and courses, it becomes very easy for a student to find their answer to the question or assignment.

Check do you have its an app where you can sign in and their subscription and we can find question answers for your problem? The membership plan of Chegg is quite high when it comes to payment for one month, I just ask with the membership plan of 14.95 dollars per month and $30 per month with the video calling feature so that you can understand what the answer is from a lecturer.

It gives you a free 30-minute lecture as a trial version of online tutoring. As Chegg is a 20-year-old website so you can easily trust it. You can easily download the app of Chegg from the Google play store and Apple play store respectively for your Android and IOS devices.



By its name, it is clear that PaperHelp will help you in the same way as TextSheet uses to do. Paper help is an alternative to Textsheet available now in the market. It has started in 2008 and since then it is helping the student to complete assignments that they get in school or college.

no matter you are in high school or either in college or you are doing your PhD paper help will help you to write your research paper in a very easy way. It says that you will save time by getting quality content of your research paper. You need to sign up for PaperHelp so that you could use it in a much extreme way. It delivers research papers to your doorstep very soon.

It charges you $10 per page to $24 per page depending upon the quality of the content of the research paper that you wish to get. if you order in between 500 to 1000 dollar then you get 5% off and 10% off on 500 and 1000 dollar respectively. we would recommend you to use paper has your research paper very soon to your doorstep.



The other alternative to TextSheet is SparkNotes. Where a student from college or school, can find the notes of the lessons, a variety courses and they get a variety of school subject. it was acquired in 2001 by Barnes and Noble and was started earlier in 1999.

It helps American student to prepare for a standardized test such as the test called SAT by providing the students of feature to buy books. The different kind of subjects and topics that SparkNotes covers are biology, computer science, mathematics, chemistry, health, physics, history, psychology, biography, US government and politics, economics, drama, philosophy, sociology, film, poetry, storytelling, short stories, computer science and much more.

You can search for SparkNotes app on Google play store and Apple play store depending upon your device whether it is Android or iOS. The subject which are discussed in the above section, that listed in this application. So go to this application called SparkNotes and use it to get notes and guides for your education.

Crazy for study


Crazy for the study is an online alternative to TextSheet. It helps the student for homework. It gives an online assignment. You can get a manual solution for every subject or every topic. the services that crazy for study provides are textbook sales, homework help, assignment help and much more.

If you are a student of the college or a school then you can get help from here, so that you could complete your assignment or question answers very easily and much effectively. We would advise you to use this website also as an alternative to TextSheet.

The FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions) about TextSheet
What happened to TextSheet?

Text sheet site that allows users to get answers to homework problems through Chegg API ( application program interface). It is use to form links to check and it was taken for copyright infringement by Chegg.

The DMCA takedown request to delete text sheet account and remove his repositories was completed by the employee of Chegg. TextSheet was take down by the copyright issue claimed by Chegg.

Is TextSheet illegal?

As we have seen that Chegg what’s the website that claimed copyright issue to TextSheet. The TextSheet site is banned. It is facing legal prosecution in the court. But you do not have to worry about it as we have already discussed some alternatives to this website.

Is safe?

As we have seen that TextSheet website has been banned and it is facing legal prosecution in the court, So we can see that it is not safe to use in this time. The other alternatives like crazy for study, SparkNotes, Slider, Course Hero studylib, Chegg can be used in place of this and they are safe to use.

Does Chegg have a free trial?

Yes, Chegg does have a free trial of almost twenty-eight days. Boy, your textbook for up to 90 per cent of the original price. Yakin study on Chegg for almost 24/7. As it allows a user total trial of twenty-eight days so it asks you for the payment method and after twenty-eight days it will automatically take your balance. So what you need to do is cancel the subscription before twenty-eight days and you will not get any money deducted from your account.

Final words about TextSheet

As we have seen that TextSheet a website where we used to study for our college and school projects and assignments. It used to help us in getting the assignment very easily. It is banned by the government for the copyright issue claimed by Chegg.

We had to find the alternative to it and we found it and we discussed all the alternatives in detail. If you have any query about this then let us know in the comment section and we will try to find it and answer you very quickly as soon as possible.


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