Chrome is chrome. You download the Google browser, now the most popular globally, and think you have the same experience as everyone else. Like most significant software vendors, google releases chrome on different channels and tests features on more unstable versions before release, which hundreds of millions of people use every day. When Chromebooks run automatically, you can usually override which version of the operating system your device is running on, and that information should be available if you need it.

The introduction page will tell you everything you need to know, no matter which version number you are using, what development channel you use, or whether you want to be 32 bit or 64.

Click on the main menu button (the three vertical dots in the upper right corner of the window), then click on Help> google chrome.

It will show the version, followed by a more extended number and some values in parentheses. If you have updating chrome for a while, the browser will automatically start a download and ask you to restarts when it’s ready.

How much memory can chrome use?

Your version number is below the google chrome os header at the top of the window. A button on the right of that number will allow you to check for any new updates or install any recently downloaded updates but have not yet been install.

If you would like more information about chrome os’s internal functionality, for example- what channel your Chromebook operates on, or if you want to know the current os build date click on “detailed build information.” To find out what’s new in your current chrome os version, use this page to google’s help pages or report a problem.

On mac os and Linux, chrome is now 64 bit- by default. Windows users should automatically download their correct version from google, but for some reason, if you are running a 32-bit version on a 64-bit machine, you should upgrade.

How to upgrade or downgrade chrome

If you are using a lower version of chrome on your desktop and want to go from stable to Beta or beta to Dev, download the new version from the corresponding page on google’s web site.

It is not easy, you need to completely uninstall Chrome from the operating system, then reinstall the old package. Remember that Canary is a stand-alone program and can be install and uninstalled separately from chrome stable beta or beta dev.

An android and iOS things or a little different: all versions of chrome are entirely separate. So if you want, you can run chrome standard, chrome beta, chrome dec, and chrome canary at the same time; remove any of them, and uninstall the app.

Release channels – how stable are you?








The standard version of chrome uses a numeric code for its version identifier. But if you see beta, dev, and canary after that, it means you are running the pre-release version of chrome. You can switch between these versions using these instructions, but here is what they are?

Stable chrome

If you don’t see any of these identifiers after your version number, you run the standard version of chrome. Most of the google connects to when you search for “download chrome” on edge or internet explorer. The standard version has a lot of detailed tests, and google wants most people to use it. It is the last to get new features, but if you want a safe and consistent browsing experience with no surprises, this one is for you.

Beta chrome

Beta channel is an earlier version of the software, which tests new features before reaching a higher audience in the standard configuration. Google updates the beta once a week, with major updates coming every six weeks. It is usually a version release rather than the standard version. So, while chrome’s stable version was at 50, chrome was in beta 51. New features include changes to the rendering engine for speed or accuracy, changes to the user interface, new options in the flags menu, and more.

Chrome dev

Chrome dev is one or two versions of the standard, usually updated at least once a week, and is used to test more detailed changes in the browser, which may or may not made public release later. The dev version is more prone to crashing, hanging tabs, rendering errors, incompatible extensions, and similar problems.

Chrome Canary

It is chrome’s wild west. It has three full editions, updated daily, for the standard release, and the canary title indicates its purpose. If something goes wrong, like the canary in the coal mine, it will go wrong in the first place. Canary is often a tool for developers to test compatibility issues. Unlike the beta and dev versions, installing canary build does not overwrite a standard chrome installation on Windows or Mac OS; you can run them side by side if you wish.

How to check your chrome version

Google chrome is the most popular browser on all platforms, and it keeps your security up to date as the browser releases several essential security updates throughout the year. Some people wonder how to update chrome since there doesn’t seem to be any big refresh buttons in the browser. The chrome itself sets to update itself seamlessly without notifying you that an update has performers. However doesn’t always happen, and in this case, you may need to install updates manually.

Firstly we see how to check your chrome version on Android

  • Open google play on your android device.
  • Tap the hamburger icon on the top left side.
  • Tap My Apps and games.
  • Tap updates and select google chrome, tap this it updated.

How to update google chrome version on your iPhone & iPad

  • Open App Store.
  • Tap updates.
  • Check out google chrome here if you see a refresh button next to it if it’s an update.

How to update google chrome version on your Windows and Mac

    • Open google chrome.
    • Click three dots on the top right corner.
    • Click update google chrome.
    • Click relaunch to update chrome.
    • An alternative to do this by clicking on the three dots icon and click on chrome.
    • Now chrome will start updating automatically; once the update download, click again.
How to update google chrome may vary depending on the site you are using. Updating google chrome to a desktop is easy once you use these methods.


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