Free Netflix Accounts and Password  2022

Everybody uses Netflix these days. The site is paramount in the online streaming field, with hundreds of series and movies being available and up for anyone to watch. Of course, there’s always a catch – Netflix isn’t free to use. In order to enjoy it, you need to pay a subscription fee, and that’s why lots of people try to bypass this obstacle and use Netflix for free by using free Netflix account. Do you know about Netflix history.

Here in Techlobe, we’ll explain to you how to get a free Netflix account in 2022. Sit tight and keep reading!

What is Netflix?

Netflix is a subscription based streaming service. Which used to download movies, watching TV shows and Netflix offers a free trial for one month. Netflix wants to build faith with its customers. You did watch without an internet on Netflix, download movies, and TV shows to your device like iOS, Android, Windows10. Watching your favourite shows and Movies without commercials on an internet connected device.

What do you want to watch today?

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How to Get a Netflix Account?

There are a number of things you can do to get a working Netflix account. The most obvious way, of course, is to buy the subscription from the official page, if you can do it. Not everyone is able to get a full subscription, however, as it can be somewhat costly to pay a monthly fee for some people. This is why more and more sites are offering ways to get Netflix premium accounts for free.

We strongly encourage our readers to buy a Netflix subscription if they can do it. We also don’t condone the usage of account generators and hacks since they are always a blatant scam trying to damage the end user. Don’t try to hack your way into using Netflix! Doing so will likely put your personal information, and your computer, in danger.

Thankfully, we provide here an alternative method to get a Netflix expanded account for free. And the best part is that it does not require anything from you.

What you like to Watch Today

Get Your Free Netflix Account Right Here!

If you’re one of our usual readers, you must already know that we love to give freebies. And if you’re not, well, there’s some good news for you – we’ll give you what you’re looking for, right here in this article.

We’ll post here a list of Netflix free accounts and passwords, all of them updated as of February 2022. Said list will be updated daily, so you can check it every day if you happen to lose your previous account or are having trouble using one of the accounts previously listed here. We will add several new accounts and passwords every day – the amount depends on how much support we get from our public. Show some support from our site and you’ll get many rewards in return.




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The Netflix membership list will be provided for free and attached to the end of this page. You can use the Netflix account membership to watch whatever you want in the vast library that the site offers, as long as you don’t try to change the password. We own these accounts, and as owners, we do not want to lose said accounts, so please refrain from trying to change the login details.

If you can’t get a working account right now, don’t worry – just try again tomorrow. 

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What Will You Get From a Free Netflix Account?

Netflix accounts 2022 usually come in three different flavors: the Basic type, the Standard type, and the Netflix are Premium type. These Netflix different in the pricing and, of course, the things they offer to their users.

Netflix plans and prizing 2022:

-Basic: The Basic plan is for only one screen, which means you can only use Netflix in only one device. No simultaneous playing is available. Also, the Basic plan only offers SD resolution, up to 480p.

-Standard: With a Standard plan, you can watch Netflix in two different screens at the same time. It also enhances the resolution up to 1080p (HD quality).

-Premium: The best Netflix plan available, it allows up to 4 simultaneous screens playing up to 2160p in resolution, which is Ultra HD 4k, something only the most recent shows and movies are able to offer, but amazing to watch nonetheless!

Basic$ 8.991 (Max users)SD
Standard$ 12.992 (Max users)HD
Premium$ 15.994 (Max users)HD, Ultra, HD 4K.

Here in Techlobe, all accounts we offer are loaded with the Premium plan. They all have a one-month subscription, ready to be used by you and 3 more people. Remember – that’s 4 people including you, no more than that! Don’t share the login details with more people, or you’ll most likely be interrupted while trying to watch your favorite shows and movies.

Netflix offers a free download service that allows the user to view all of the movies and shows listed in the site while offline. As long as the subscription is still up and running, you can download any show or movie and watch it without having an Internet connection. You should take advantage of this and download everything you want while you’re using our free Netflix account.

We hope that this article helps you and satisfy your need for a Netflix account and password that actually works. We know that not everyone can afford a subscription, and that’s why we try to help you in any way we can. Don’t forget to check the rest of our giveaways while you’re here! And if you have something you want to tell us, do so in the comment section below.




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