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How to get Hammer VPN unlimited free internet 2023

We all use the internet for every circumstances and reasons. Internet will be the most significant usage of all time. At present the internet for free is now available to everyone. Am you thinking about all those who would benefit from this chance because the customer of TNT has always used on the internet to make payments. The Philippines has an excellent offer for free internet. Today, we will discuss free internet available to Hammer VPN setting in TNT. Just follow the instructions and you will get free data.

Hammer VPN setting to access internet access for free is a essential part of a person’s lives. Many have wished to move away from the internet Our lives are hell. Since without the internet, our lives don’t move towards the next level.In reality, education starts via the internet, and then our lives end with the internet. The internet is everywhere and connected via the internet. If the internet is offering you a new perspective it is time to start.I think so, if internet hammer for free VPN will be most beneficial to you.

This is a new kind of internet that is free. We have talked before of the internet for free available for Smart SIM, Globe hammer VPN, Psiphon handler APK, and this and finally – this one, the Robi free internet settings. These are the methods to pay and get internet for free, to last for a long time, however this method doesn’t require payment to get free data.

Hammer VPN settings

    • Download and install Hammer VPN
    • Open it and replace it with the given numbers (500&0) numbers.
      • In Hammer VPN settings, select any free server to give the numbers, Rport: 9201 Lport :0. as the usual protocol is UDP. Sometimes it is changed the Rport:9200 and Lport:9201, and the protocol is UDP.
      • Used this any one format and then replaced it.
      • Click on the connect button.
      • Allow Hammer VPN to Active VPN Services on Android.
      • Your VPN is connected.


UDP Settings

    • Download and install the Hammer VPN.
    • Click the free server, search anyone’s server, and select it.
    • Rport: 8080. Lport:9201, Protocol is UDP.
      • Rport: 9201
      • Lport: 9201

TCP Settings

  • Use DNS:
  • Proxy Host:
  • Proxy port: 80
  • Handler: x-online-host Whatsapp-profile-status website.
  • Click save it.
  • Rport: 443
  • Lport:9021.

f you thought it was fantastic that you can finally be able to access internet for free on the Hammer VPN settings for the TNT sim. I believe this will be used by you if you’ve received the free internet and you then begin downloading. If the limit was 1GB per day, or if you wish to download unlimited data every day, then you should with this account. TunnelGuru premium account.

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