Here am back with most wanted Gmail tutorial on how to block someone on Gmail. There are a lot of spammers available on the web and looking for spam emails and web pages. Gmail filters Gmail inbox and stores some unwanted email messages on spam inbox. But nowadays many users using Gmail and sending some irrelevant messages to many Gmail users. If you are signup some third party sites which are not trusted, Then you will get some advertising emails in your Gmail inbox. Here we need to block them on Gmail inbox.

Many social networks and other sites providing the interface to block irrelevant users. Gmail also providing this feature to block someone on Gmail account. Once you block this email address on your email inbox, Then you will get rid of spam emails from unknown users.

The below method is easy and simple, you can block any unknown users on your Gmail inbox to avoid messages from them again. If you are searching for how to block someone on Gmail from sending you emails. Then Just follow below steps and block someone on Gmail. Here am sharing this trick with 2 methods which gives 100% success result. Simply log in to your google account and make below changes to block any Gmail user from your inbox.

How To Block Someone On Gmail

  • Sign in to your email inbox with your email id and password.
  • Then open the email from the user, who you want to block.
  • Look at the top of the email and click on the drop-down icon near the reply button.
  • Tap on the Block “sender” on the menu and click the Block button to confirm.
  • Finally you have blocked the sender from your email account.
  • Then you will get rid of messages from the user.


This method is simple and easy to follow. So you can block any contact from your Gmail inbox. Once you blocked the contact from your email account, the user will get message sending failed notification on their email inbox, when they try to send emails to your Gmail address.

Also, you can try this Block sender for Gmail extension to make this method easy. Once you install this extension in your chrome browser. This extension will show you the block option on every email inbox message. So you can easily click on the block button to stop receiving messages from the sender.

So guys, follow all the above steps and block someone on email inbox. These two methods are working fine to block particular email sender and stay safe from spam emails from anyone. If you have any issues while following the above steps, Just comment below.


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