Kik is a renowned messaging application for Android and iOS however, this app is not a suitable app for all users. If its appeal is fading to you then it might be time to deactivate or disable or deactivate your Kik account. This is a part of the secure security for news. Kik also lets you to sign-up without having the need for a phone number. Many teenagers and adults make use of Kik to make it a fast, cost-free way to communicate with their family and friends. Kik claimed that it wasn’t free of controversy. It is battling bots and spam.

Kik is currently embroiled in numerous unethical problems and also been used as a platform to distribute illegal cryptocurrency. Furthermore there are many other applications that offer other advantages than Kik applications. If you’re tired of trying to find a way to get rid of your Kik account, you’re at the right place.

Kik has made it difficult to delete your account. Kik has made its removal process quite tiring. The Kik app does not permit users to erase their accounts through the mobile application. In this article, we’ll examine the latest and tested method for temporarily the deletion of an account on Kik account. Let’s begin.

How verify your Kik account

  • You are verifying your Email address—Open Kik messenger on your device.
  • Sign in if you are not logged in automatically.
  • Tap setting at the top of the screen.
  • Tap your account.

Make your user name, and give your Email address, name, password, and Activate your account.

How to Kik Account deactivation temporarily

If you don’t want to remove your account permanently from you Kik accounts, then you could opt for the less drastic option and disable it. Be sure to understand what Kik is before you search for it. When it is full, Kik does not allow users to delete or deactivate your account using its mobile application. While you can access the website using your smartphone or laptop, you need to use its website to do so.

To get started, visit the Kik account deactivation help page for some information. explains how Deactivating your profile can result in:

  • You will not receive any Kik messages or Emails about your account.
  • People can not search for your username.
  • Your name will disappear from the contact list of the people you spokes them.

If you decide to change your intention following deactivating the Kik account, then you may return to the account and play the game again in the default mode; however, you’ll require your password this. If you’re required to reset your password, you may do this until you can access an email account. To temporarily disable the Kik account, visit your Kik deactivation page. There, you must enter the email address that is associated the account. You will be able to deactivate your account. Kik will then send you a link that will deactivate your account. Follow this message.

The steps here:

  • Go to to deactivate it using the web browser.
  • Input the email that is associated to your Kik account. Enter the email address associated with your Kik.
  • When you tap GO, the message you want to send will be delivered via email to the address you provide.
  • Verify the email address that is linked to Kik.
  • Open the message sent by Kik.
  • Tap Deactivate your account and it will be removed from the account.

How to Kik deactivate permanently

Kik makes things easy by eliminating them. All you need is a couple of clicks and an email confirmation A confirmation email is the final step and is therefore not an arduous process. Here is an easy way to erase any Kik account.You must delete your Kik profile using the web portal for temporary deactivation.We suggest that you read the details on Kik’s page on account deletion to know what it is doing first.If you erase your Kik file, what occurs? 


Your profile will no longer be available for access, and you’ll never change it.

  1. You won’t receive any additional Kik notifications or email from our team.
  2. Nobody can locate your user’s name on Kik.

After a time the profile disappears to the people you talked to.

We suggest backing all important messages prior to taking this action because you’ll never be able to find these messages. Keep in mind that people you communicated with will are able to store your profile temporarily on their devices so that they are able to view it for a few days. The profile expired long back.

The steps are:

  • Go to to delete your data in your web browser.
  • Log in with your user name.
  • Enter the email address you have that is associated with your Kik account.
  • Choose the reason you want to leave Kik by selecting the option. Make sure to check the box.
  • If you tap GO, an email will be sent to the email you provided.
  • Make sure you check the email account that is connected to Kik. Kik account.
  • Open the message sent by Kik.
  • Tap Deactivate your account permanently. Accounts will eventually be removed.
  • Kik account deletion: After deleting Kik what happens:

Kik’s removal process is fast and easy, but even a clean break could have a few questions. Here are some solutions to the most frequently-asked questions regarding Kik accounts and removals.

If your account has been deactivated it will be impossible to receive any messages or log into your account. The stroke, however, was not significant and your account will be reset when you sign back in.

The removal is permanent. This means that even if attempt to sign back on again, you will not be able to get your messages back. They’ll be erased and reset once restored, rather than being archived.


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