How to change YouTube dark mode desktop


You are all using the YouTube app every day and time. But some people watch YouTube at night time. At that time, your eyes damage. It creates disappointment for your eyes. So YouTube is launching last year, one new option for you. That is a Dark theme. It has benefits for you. It creates your eyes do not appear too disappointed. It was very easy to change on your mobile phone and PC.Google is rolling the mobile app for you to use dark mode. 


You will use the dark mode at night time. This dark mode is very impressive for you. How to enable YouTube dark mode on PC and Android. The dark mode is called another name is night mode. You have use for it day time and mostly use in the night time.

Now we see how to turn on YouTube dark mode. It is so easy. How to activate YouTube dark mode an Android, Safari, Chrome, PC, and an iPhone.

Make YouTube dark mode PC:


  • Go open YouTube for your browser. (any browser: chrome, firefox, safari, android, PC).
  • The right upper side vertical dots tap it.

Choose the option dark mode and used it.


  • Then your light mode is off. You select your dark mode with on and off.

How to enable YouTube dark mode in Android


  • Open YouTube on your device. (android and iPhone.)
  • Click the account setting for the upper right corner.


  • Then open your settings



  • The first option is general click it.
  • The dark mode option on there slide it.
  • Then have on a dark mode.

Do not like the dark mode, you have removed it:

So the dark mode option handles anyone. Use it has a useful life for you. You have switched off the lightning; you will use the android is prevention for your eyes. So think about your future. One time you will use the dark mode you have like it. Yet, it was a nice and useful trick for you. You have just tried it. You can any doubts ask your question in the comment session. Like this is used for your friends so share with your friends. Thank you.

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