Find the word on google web page. This is the ideal option for those who browses or searches a web site or page, where users really want to find an the best option to searching for a specific word or phrase. This site’s page explains the methods of using Find option to search for a word or phrase on Android, Mac iOS, PC or iPhone.

How to search for specific words on google

Find the phrases and words on google chrome. Google enables this option is very merciful.  It is a great alternative for all websites. It is easy to search words or phrases. Sometimes, a webpage has a long length; at this moment, trying to find the word or phrase isn’t easy. This is why Google created the option to help our use. It is easy to locate terms or phrases. It is possible to use this feature anytime and for ever. It is available with any device you own, including Android, PC, Computer, Chrome, and any other website on your system.

What is the Google version the scholar ID, account class, password for account Chrome version, the number for pay.

Let’s say you attempt to discover the phrases or words that you are looking for on your computer. This article will show you how to locate the Google’s search bar, the google Chrome version for your system and Android.

How to FIND a word on PC and Mac iOS

How to search for a word on a web page chrome

  • Open on your Chrome browser.
  • Click the three dots on the top of the page.
  • Click the find option.

This method was easy and I think if you have learn to short cuts of using your keyboard.

That was very simple and one second method.

Have you using PC – click to CTRL + F. This is short form of find option.

Have you using Mac iOS– click to Command + F.


It was the easy way and short cut way for the find option.

How to find a word on Android or iPhone

How to CTRL+ F on android phone

If the mobile you were using was Android or iPhone You need to search for the phrase to search for it on the Google search page. A mobile does not have an internal keyboard, therefore what do you need to know is CTRL + F, or to locate the word. It’s easy and after you try it, and you will be able to save your thoughts. This article will show you how to you can find the word that is on Google Chrome’s web pages. Follow the steps below.

    • Open your chrome browser on your mobile phone.
    • At the same time, it opens any other web page.
    • Click the three dots on the top of the page.
    • The bottom of the option is Find and click it.
This article has been helpful to you. You can try these tips to improve your use of the internet. I’m sure this method is a extremely simple. If you have any questions, please submit your query in the comment area, we’ll surely get back to you. We appreciate you taking the time to read this blog. The ideas you get from our blog. If you enjoy this article, forward it to friends you know as well as show support for us.


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