Find the word on google web page. It is the best solution of who read or search a web page or site, that people really wants to Find option for search for a word or phrase. This page of site explores how to use find option on Android, Mac iOS, PC or iPhone.

How to search for specific words on google

Find the words and phrases on google chrome. Google enables this option is very merciful. It was an excellent option for all websites. We can easily search for a word and phrases. Some times a page is long; at that time, you want to search the word or phrase is too hard. So Google has launched the facility for us. It was straightforward to find words or phrases. You can use this option at all times and forever. You can use it on your Android, PC, Computer, Chrome, and any other websites on your system.


When could you find google: scholar id, account, classroom, account password, chrome version, and the pay number.

Suppose you try it and find the words or phrases on your system. We explain how to find search bar the google chrome version on your systems and Android.

How to FIND a word on PC and Mac iOS

How to search for a word on a web page chrome


  • Open on your Chrome browser.
  • Click the three dots on the top of the page.
  • Click the find option.

This method was easy and I think if you have learn to short cuts of using your keyboard.

That was very simple and one second method.

Have you using PC – click to CTRL + F. This is short form of find option.

Have you using Mac iOS– click to Command + F.

It was the easy way and short cut way for the find option.

How to find a word on Android or iPhone


How to CTRL+ F on android phone


If your mobile was like android or iPhone, you want to find the word on Google search web page. In a mobile has not a key board, so how to use CTRL + F or how to find the words. It’s very simple and once you have try this method and it easily saves on your mind. We explain to how find a word on google chrome web page. Please following the below steps.


    • Open your chrome browser on your mobile phone.
    • At the same time, it opens any other web page.
    • Click the three dots on the top of the page.
    • The bottom of the option is Find and click it.


This article was help to you. Please try these method to your daily usage. I hope this methods are very easy one. If you any doubts please ask your question on the comment box, we are surely reply to you. Thanks for read this post. You have really benefit ideas from our site. You like this post please share to your friends and support to us.


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