it is not to the main theme of the Facebook, or Twitter, Social network. In this Tumblr is very popular with the particularly among the new generations. As a place to share and explore an Artwork, Music, and an idea’s. It is a market to find some…and more things for precious materials. Tumblr is home to a variety of blogs and pieces of art that could be called  Adult”. Tumblr has a lot of developed new content. If you have recently created a Tumblr account, it’s by default and keep to search a safe to turn on for the google chrome. It’s very useful for save from some naughty blogs.

what is safe mode?

 Social media sites initially introduced safe mode. The NSFW content available on Tumblr forms the core of the site. ‘Not suitable for work’ content includes works from thousands of creators on stage, gifs, memes, pictures and videos. However, this type of content is rated 18+ and circulates freely on social media sites. It does not really sit right with advertisers, so Tumblr decided to declare a complete war against such content. This is safe for you, because the kid and others were not to know for your further details. So you have on this site. you have properly used these methods it will be protected to safe mode.

How to turn on and off safe search on Tumblr

You can finally open a new account from the Tumblr. but you confused at how to turn this. It does not matter, it is so easy. I will explain it.

turn off  safe mode on Tumblr website

  • Open your browser, and go the Tumblr’s site.
  • Click on the Login button.
  • Give your login details and click on the Next.
  • Click to the Login option and send me a magic link, that will be sent a link on your mail address.
  • It is successfully log in. Search the browse, Click on your account image.
  • Go to Settings > filtering section, find the safe mode switch turned on by default.
  • Turn grey by click, you are done.

Disabling safe search for your browser

Step-1: You have logged in, and then click the icon for the upper right corner of the dashboard.

Step-2: Dropdown menu, click settings.

Step-3: Look for the word filtering and it has a safe search option. And click it your account is disabled. you have enabled it for this same method.

how to turn off safe mode on android

If you have to use the Tumblr account on your mobile phone. but you have to do for the disabling safe search. It was so easy.

Step-1: Create an account of the Tumblr app.

Step-2: Select the humanoid icon for the bottom of the right corner.

Step-3: Access the account menu so click the gear icon for the top of the right corner.

Step-4: The top of the option is general settings click it.

Step-5: Scroll it, Choose the option filtering.

Step-6: You can see the button for Safe mode, click it and it has a blue colour lighting. It means your account will currently enable you can turn off the button it is disabled. You will use this method is very easy.

It was so easy method for us. People can easy to launch the app Tumblr. But we cannot be known for how to use it and disabled it. We can write to simple methods to us for the user to Tumblr disabled in your mobile and desktop devices. You can just follow above the description you can search it and used it. If you have any doubt ask your question to the comment box.


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