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Free Netflix Accounts and Password 2023(working)


Most of the people using online streaming platforms as their major entertainment purpose. Netflix is the best streaming platform. Do you want a free working account in 2023 in this article you will be able to get the premium with subscription plan. It is one of the top OTT platform for watching entertaining content. People want to enjoy in todays time. It producing new digital content. you are the lover of watching movies and series, this is the best option for you. Fortunately this is a premium service.

Free Netflix Accounts and Password  2023

Everybody uses Netflix these days. The site is paramount in the online streaming field, with hundreds of series and movies being available and up for anyone to watch this for free. There’s always a catch – it isn’t free to use. Enjoy it, you need to pay some subscription fee, and that’s why lots of people try to bypass this obstacle and use this for free by using free Netflix account. Do you know about this history. This is one of the most popular site of the social media. All the people could watching this everyday.

Here in TechLobe, we’ll explain to you how to get a free Netflix account in 2023. Sit tight and keep reading!

What is Netflix?

Netflix is a subscription based streaming service. Which used to download movies, watching TV shows and it offers a free trial for one month. Which is wants to build faith with its customers. You did watch without an internet on Netflix, download movies, and TV shows to your device like iOS, Android, Windows10. Watching your favorite shows and Movies without commercials on an internet connected device.

Netflix plans and pricing 2023

Netflix has a plan and pricing for people using this account. How much this for a month. We told the plan and pricing are below. Which one is afford for you, you can choose by yourself. Get your free account and enjoy it with your family and friends.

-Basic: The Basic plan is for only one screen, which means you can only use Netflix in only one device. No simultaneous playing is available. The Basic plan offers SD resolution, up to 480p.

-Standard: You watch Netflix in two different screens at the same time. It enhances the resolution up to 1080p (HD quality).

-Premium: It allows up to 4 simultaneous screens playing up to 2160p in resolution, which is Ultra HD 4k, shows and movies are able to offer, but amazing to watch nonetheless!

Basic$ 8.991 (Max users)SD
Standard$ 12.992 (Max users)HD
Premium$ 15.994 (Max users)HD, Ultra, HD 4K.

What do you want to watch today?

We announced the giveaway for you on our site, please participate and get your free account, and watch your favorite shows for free. If you use your email and check this page after the contest ending time, we will update the winners name list. You will try and get a free Netflix account.

How to Get a Netflix Account?

There are a number of things you can do to get a working Netflix account. The most obvious way is to buy the subscription from the official page, if you can do it. Not everyone is able to get a subscription, however, as it can be costly to pay a monthly fee for some people. This is why more and more sites are offering ways to get premium account free.

We strongly encourage our readers to buy a subscription if they can do it. We don’t use the usage of account generators and hacks, since they are always a blatant scam trying to damage the end user. Don’t try to hack your way into using this! Doing put your personal information, and your computer, in danger.

Thankfully, we provide here an alternative method to get a Netflix expanded account for free. And the best part is that it does not require anything from you.

What you like to Watch Today

Get Your Free Netflix Account Right Here!

If you’re one of our usual readers, you must already know that we love to give freebies. And if you’re not, well, there’s some good news for you – we’ll give you what you’re looking for, right here in this article. we give Netflix  for free today.

We’ll post here a list of Netflix free accounts and passwords, all of them updated as of February 2023. List are updated daily, so you can check it every day if you happen to lose your previous account or are having trouble using one of the accounts previously listed here. We will add several new accounts and passwords every day – the amount depends on how much support we get from our public. Show some support from our site and you’ll get many rewards in return.




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The Netflix membership list will be provided for free and attached to the end of this page. You use this account membership to watch, whatever you want in the vast library that the site offers there, you don’t try to change the password. We has the accounts, we as owners, we do not want to lose said accounts, so please refrain from trying to change the login details.

If you can’t get a working account right now, don’t worry – just try again tomorrow. 

TechLobe Netflix Account Giveaway

If some reason, you’re not to use the links we provide here, you can also try your luck at our giveaway. It’s as simple as to enter here and submit your email in the form provided to take a shot! If you win, we’ll send an account and a password to your email address. Check the giveaway page for more info!


How to participate in giveaway 2023

You participated in any free giveaway, must try this one time in your life time, because we are announced to give a free account login. Please try to this and get your free Netflix account on one week free trial. How to participate in giveaway on our site, below i will give the restriction, do follow this:

  • Enter in the giveaway on Email or Facebook.
  • Login to our giveaway.
  • Click, Visit our page button.
  • Click the continue button and fill your name and email.
  • If the restrictions are only you visit our Facebook giveaway  page.
  • Visit techlobe on Facebook.
  • Visit this page to enter.
  • Answer a question Can  you please choose the option above and click it, the points are growth, and who the finalist got the more points the guy gets free giveaway

Free Netflix account – key features

Guys you really loved this feature, it has many contents on Netflix. Do you use that, and it helps you. You try the features, you watch the Ultra HD movies and download the movies at the same time. I will give the details of the features below, read this and get it free. It helps your family and your friends to watch movies on Netflix sharing accounts. Which is offers a free trial for one month, enjoyed unlimited access to all their content for free.

Ultra HD
You did watch the videos in all available picture quality from 360p to 4K. Can you set the video quality to ultra HD, you are watching on your big screen like a Smart TV . The Netflix logins that you found from the Premium plan with the Premium account.

Netflix sharing account
You need to watch movies and TV shows without any interruption, you do have a free Netflix account and password do you watch anything like your favorite one, you don’t share your account with more than 3 people.

Enjoy watching without having to connect your device with the internet, you share a Netflix free account to download anything from movies and series. You download the shows until your subscription expires

What Will You Get From a Free Netflix Account?

Netflix accounts 2023 usually come in three different flavors: the Basic type, the Standard type, and the Premium type. This is different in the pricing and the things they offer to their users.

Here in Techlobe, all accounts we offer are loaded with the Premium plan. They all have a one-month subscription, ready to be used by you and 3 more people. Remember that, 4 people including you, Don’t share the login details with more people, or you to be interrupted while trying to watch your favorite shows and movies.

Netflix offers free download service, it allows the user to view all of the movies and shows listed in the site while offline. The subscription is up and running, you download any show or movie and watch it without having an Internet connection. You take advantage of this download everything you want while you’re using our free Netflix account.

We hope that this article helps you and satisfy your need for a Netflix account and password that actually works. We know that not everyone can afford a subscription, and that’s why we try to help you in any way we can. Don’t forget to check our giveaways And something you want to tell us, do comment in the comment section below the page.

Netflix login without password ( working cookies)

If you need a free account on our page. We provide Netflix account and password, but sometimes the guy who is misused to that, please avoid it. We decided to take one step to harden the security of shared accounts. Transfer our data directly to your device. You login to the account without using a password. We quickly updated the account, if that account expired, you enjoyed the free NETFLIX account.

Netflix account generator hack 2023. No survey, No verification

Finally we warning especially to searches the internet or online find the way to hack accounts. You surely find some websites, try Netflix account generator app on your device, be careful about this, it’s a scam. You know about clicking any gift card generator link that may be advertised or pop up on your screen. Many of these hacks ask you to verify if you are human by completing a survey. If you try to do that, it will put loads of adware or viruses on your PC or smartphone and in the worst case, harm your device. Don’t download or install anything to get a free account. You participate in our account payment or other methods are we recommended here.

How to get Netflix cookies

Using free Netflix using cookies. Cookies is used for easily able to access the account. In this cookies way is very useful for you. Do you follow some steps for access free account. We given the details of using Netflix account.

  • To begin with download the EditThisCookies. extension on your chrome browser.
  • In addition to go to www.netflix.com.
  • Click on EditThisCookies icon, furthermore click on the import.
  • To summarize simply paste the cookies and you will get access to Netflix account.

How to get free Netflix for a month ( Netflix free trial)

Guys please be careful to handle sharing your account for someone to give your account details and password. You share your details with your lover, friends and family members, they are very close to you, so you don’t fear and they can’t cheat you. You get it from other person, by chance they cheat to you. The guy who tried the VUDU streaming platform. It is the same as Netflix. You can watch and download movies and TV shows on this platform. If you need to know about the Vudu credits & promo codes please ask below in the comment box. Cookies sharing method is safe for you, at the same time you are sharing your account details with someone, it is the best use to you.

Spotify premium apk 2023


Are you a music lover? How much people like Spotify. Almost 90% of people love music. 75% of people listening  music and they moving on their work, job and travelling. This type of people wants to listen to music and they do not spend money. That was really crazy know. Most people search Free Spotify premium. Why I am write about  the Spotify premium, because, the people want listening music for free. They wants don’t spend money on music. They enjoy music, so they search for a free Spotify premium app. today, Spotify is a very popular app for people’s view.

Using Spotify with create your own account, you have listening audio on high quality. Spotify premium gives to you for the high quality audio-only. If you moving on travelling, select your favourite songs on the playlist and listening to them offline. It was an amazing thing for you to travel.

Spotify launches the premium is using of music lovers. Spotify is not an updated version, so update their version for you. Many difference between Spotify to Spotify premium. I am think about it, who also like the Spotify premium. Somebody search Spotify Username and Password, and how to get free Spotify premium. My personal view is Spotify premium is best using for music lover. Straightly we went to the topic of the blog, Spotify premium apk mod, the latest version.


What is Spotify premium apk mod?

You also known Spotify premium, it uses for listening millions of songs. Spotify premium apk mod is like, it offers you to play millions of song and podcasts from all over the world for free. It was an amazing thing for the music lovers.

Spotify premium can be shared

Yes, of course, you have an account on Spotify premium, you have to share this with your family. You have shared that with only 5 members but opens with the same Username and password for the shared 5 people. It was very useful to your family, because you created by one account, but enjoys to the whole family. It was an admirable thing. However, this Spotify premium give a tendency to you. Please verify this option and uses it. Using Spotify premium and enjoy with your whole family.

features of free Spotify premium

  • Search: Search your favourite songs on Spotify.
  • Browse: Browse the favourite collections of your favourite artists.
  • Discover: Discover new songs which are updated daily.
  • Advantages of Spotify premium apk mod.
  • Excellent collections of musics:  It has a million collection of songs. What do you want, you can listen to this.
  • No more ADs: In this Spotify didn’t no more ads. You can listen for shouldn’t any disturbance. This way is very useful to you.
  • Download music offline: you have to download any songs for free offline, this is really a good choice for you.
  • create unlimited playlists: You have to create unlimited playlists for free on your Spotify account.
  • play any songs: You can play all songs, what do you like you can listen to with your Spotify account.
  • Seek fwd button added: You have used to FWD button to used for playing songs to go forward.
  • Unlock shuffling, seeking, repeating: you have want to seek or unlock shuffling and you need to repeat a song, for what did you like on Spotify premium mod apk, use have used all these features immediately or everywhere.
  • Spotify connect unlocked: If your Spotify is connect unlocked.

Is Spotify premium worth?

You have created an account of Spotify premium and used it. The same time, your account is used by the other five members, to the same username and password. It was worth you know. Because you have once create the Spotify premium account, but uses many people. You know, how many app is produced to this type of offers. Spotify only gives these offers. This plan is to save your money, and it gets free for you. Command is Spotify premium worth or, unworthy. I am eagerly waiting for your commands.

Download Spotify premium mod APK

You need to download premium mod APK, bottom of the page has its link, to click the box and download Spotify premium APK. This blog post mentioned its features and how it works, Kindly you read that its was very easy to use Spotify. 

Download Spotify Premium Apk

In this post is about how to download Spotify premium Mod APK and how it’s possible to works free? Yes it’s possible to use Spotify premium at your device. Lots of people review to this, because it’s very useful to them and they spend their most of their time in listening music and even also their working time and busy schedule too. They feels free and music heals all their pain and they are feel the music to compare own emotions and explore their emotion. This way is very meaningful to them. That’s why this app is more populate and guys you try these and you also love this app. Hopefully we explore the details of Spotify premium mod APK. You have any doubts please ask free to the comment section. Thank you for read this blog.


Big Savings on Windows Keys at Mykeysshop May Sale!


MyKeysShop is an outstanding website for those seeking high-quality Windows keys atcompetitive prices. The platform offers a wide range of Windows licenses for various operating systems and programs, making it a one-stop-shop to cater to all Windows needs. At MyKeysShop, you can find the best prices available. However, if you wish to purchase Windows and Office keys, you must use the coupon code FAK188.

Advantages of purchasing from MyKeysShop

Now, if you have gone through everything but still have doubts about purchasing keys on this website, allow me to highlight some advantages.

  1. Convenient Purchasing

One of MyKeysShop‘s most outstanding advantages is the ease and speed of purchasing Windows keys. The buying process is simple and intuitive, allowing you to complete transactions within a few minutes. Additionally, the website offers various secure payment methods to ensure a worry-free shopping experience.

  1. Genuine Keys

Another major advantage of MyKeysShop is the quality of the Windows licenses provided. All licenses are legal, genuine, and recognized by the respective Windows manufacturers. This means that you can be sure that you are receiving high-quality Windows, and your purchase is supported by the Windows developer.

  1. Technical Support

Furthermore, the website offers excellent customer service. The support team is friendly, professional, and available to help users with any problems they may encounter. The response time is fast, and the support team offers assistance in multiple languages, making it easy for users from all over the world to communicate with them. If you need to contact MyKeysShop, you should send them an email at [email protected].

Don’t forget to buy Windows and Office keys with a coupon: 

55% discounts on Office 2021-coupon code: FAK188

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Microsoft Windows 11 suits-coupon code: FAK188

Windows 11 Home—1PC—$11.70

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Windows 11 Pro—2PC—$22.50

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Microsoft Windows and Office suits-coupon code: FAK188

Windows 10 Home + Office 2021 Pro Plus Bundle—$32.85

Windows 10 Professional + Office 2021 Pro Plus Bundle—$33.75

Windows 11 Home + Office 2021 Pro Plus Bundle—$36.00

Windows 11 Professional + Office 2021 Pro Plus Bundle—$40.50

Perhaps you have some questions about how MyKeysShop can offer such cheap keys. Now, let me explain some of the key points you should know:

It is important to note that there are two types of licenses available: commercial and OEM, representing the original equipment manufacturer. Both offer the same level of functionality and can be purchased from the Microsoft Store.

For example, in the European Union, selling second-hand Windows is entirely legal, as established by the ruling of the European Court of Justice. However, there are differences between these two license versions in terms of support and use. The retail version can be used on multiple computers, while the OEM version is tied to the hardware on which it was first activated.

MyKeysShop sells OEM licenses. These are purchased from Microsoft by companies that assemble PCs and laptops at a lower price than commercial products. Some OEM copies are unused by the original customer, leading to their availability in the market.

In conclusion, MyKeysShop is a reliable and trustworthy website that offers genuine Windows

keys at affordable prices. With its easy purchasing process, genuine Windows licenses, and outstanding technical support, it is the perfect choice for anyone looking for Windows licenses at competitive prices.

If you have any queries, feel free to reach out to MyKeysShop at [email protected].

iwant mod Apk (premium latest version) 5.4.2-(2023)


iwant apk is the latest version of this year. Who likes iwant, they love iwant apk. Now we see the iwant apk the new version. Watch video, news, iWant tv premium apk is a Philippine’s over the top content platform and production company. This Universe is connected by communication. The media is the most effective communication system. Universe has a lot of places and peoples. The press describes what happened in the Universe, and they convey it to the people. Nowadays, iWant tv premium mod apk is the most popular site. It was a philippine channel operated by ABS-CBN.

What is iWant tv Mod Apk?

It is an online service where you can watch your favourite ABS-CBN programs online, on your phone or computer.

What did happen in iWant tv?

Generally, the media is activated in 24 hour. Media is mostly used everywhere in this modern era. They collected a piece of news, games, live shows, and advertisements. Curiosity drives human beings to learn about their fellow beings and doings. They want to know what goes on around them. The media try to cater to this basic mental inquisitiveness.

Live video streamings of Kapamilya channel, ANC, DZMM Teleradyo, Etc… In this iWant tv tfc premium mod apk is available on Android, iOs, and windows. Google Chromecast, apple airplay devices. This is launch 2015, the Sky on demand for the Sky subscriber. On September 26, 2016, PLDT smart communication became the partner of the channel.

What can I watch on iWant tv?

After creating an account of the Kapamilya channel, you have to watch three episodes online for live streams for free.

  • All episodes of ABS-CBN teleserys are currently airing.
  • Last ten episodes of news and current affair programs, variety shows, and talk shows.
  • Movies and selected specials.
  • Live streaming of ABS-CNB, ANC, DZMM Teleradyo, ARC, MOR Manila, Regional stations, O shoppings, and set events.
App Info  
App Download Version 5.4.2
App Size 19m
category  Entertainment App
App update 01-03-2023
Android version 5.0+
iwant Apk 5.4.2

How to get iwant Premium apk access?

Step 1- Download iWant app, and create an account of Kapamilya.

Step 2- Click any videos what do you like, iWant tv premium apk access.

Step 3- Choose Get premium access, and select your premium access package.

 Step 4- follow these instruction below

    • Your premium access is required; choose the option for Link your mobile number.
    • You will be led to the managed account, click All your mobile number, with link your smart account.
    • Choose a Smart service provider.
    • Enter your Number.
    • Enter the four-digit verification code; it’s sent from your via message.
    • Now your account will be linked. 

Step 5- Select your package and finalize your purchase:

  • Open the app, and click on Get premium access now.
  • Log in to your account.
  • Choose the package you will be preferred.
  • Select your payment method, wait a few mins, and put the confirmation code.
  • At last, you get premium access on iWant tv.


Top 10 shows on iWant :

  1. The world of a married couple.
  2. Love thy woman.
  3. Forevermore.
  4. Ang probinsyano.
  5. A soldier’s heart.
  6. The kingmaker.
  7. 2gether the series.
  8. Familiar wife.
  9. Hello stranger.
  10. Be careful with my heart.

Now we see what about iwant, how to watch iwant premium mod apk, how to get premium access, and you have use iwant tv apk for smart tv. The top ten shows will have appeared above the post. I think I write my best for about iwant. Suppose you use these steps and follow these instructions. You have any doubt, ask from the comment box. It is use for everyone, so share your friends. Thank you, and congrats; enjoy watching these shows and enjoy yourself.

What is VSCO girls? the explanation and trending cosmatics-2023


VSCO girls constantly different from ordinary people. Though vsco girls names after the photo editing app, they popularized through content on different social media platforms. The costumes, accessories, hairstyle, makeup, social media, brands, and controversy there are different from the other normal girls. VSCO is a photo-edit app. VSCO is a youth subculture.

What does vsco girls

The youths were like this app. Before 25 things that are very impressive and expensive. We use those things are brands. We like to branded things. VSCO girls felt not to a prince; they like the wonders, and they live our life full of joy.  How Vsco girls constantly love the different costumes, hairstyles, and they are different from traditional girls.

VSCO girls wear mostly T-shirts, because it was comforting to them, they look like very simple, and their makeup was very light, simple ponytail hairstyle was our fashion. Nowadays, girls like traditional makeup, some girls like traditional and straightforward style. The shoes, colourful bands, bags, shell necklace, friendship bracelets, camera, hydro flask water bottle are very cost and branded things, but they only used those things.

We celebrate to party, vocations, shopping, movie, all the functions, and daily routine life, they follow to the same costume. Now see what the things vsco girls used are? That was ordinary things, but a few changes are appeared. The association fashion is relaxed to them.

Becoming the ultimate vsco girls

vsco search


VSCO girls constantly

VSCO girls wear T-Shirts; it was comforting to them. Almost used to oversized T-shirts and cover their shorts. Some wear Nike track shorts; they love Mom’s jeans. It was a new style, and it is part of their style. A T-shirt is a lovely dress to wear all season. The summer and winter season, people also like this type of dress.

VSCO girls used shoes, vans, and crocs. The black and white checked shoes are very popularized. The colorful crocs with vans are like to them.


VSCO girls constantly

Shell necklace, handmade friendship bracelets, colorful wire bracelets are vsco girls likes. Scrunchies are worn in the hair, and the wrists are full of Pura Vida bracelets. Puka shell chokers are popular accessory for vsco girls.

Hydro flask water bottles and bags are famous among the vsco girls. These hydro flask water bottles are often pairs with a reusable straw. The bottles are decorated with strikes, commonly referencing sea turtle conservation.

These vsco girls use only instant cameras for photography.

Makeup and hair

VSCO girls wear

Their makeup and hairstyle are simple for a natural and light look. How vsco girls hairstyle has been simple and low maintenance and wearing a messy bun with scrunchies or beach waves. Their traditional costumes include Burt’s bees and Carmex lip balm, blush such as glossier could paint, and skincare products such as Mario and Badescu’s facial spray.


VSCO girls

Among the vsco girls used the same brand and the same product for the primary component. The popular brands include Pura Vida, hydro flask, Nike, Melville, Lululemon, and Urban Outfitters. Brands associated with the subculture have increased, and sales related to the vsco girls. According to bloom reach, Hydro flask, reusable straws, and crocs slip on vans are added to vsco girls’ sale. These products are online giveaways.

Social media usage

VSCO app

Vsco girls use social media app for photo editing. With most of its users under the age of 25. Unlike other forms of social media, It’s not like to display, comment, follower counts. The company’s ethos of taking the pressure out of using social media. As a result, this app use to post your content.


VSCO girls search more things to happening their life for learning to the Youtube videos. YouTube is the very most prominent social app in our life. It helps to share Ito the video about the vsco girls. Many of which are parodies. YouTube channel is very popularized. Example, Elle and Emma chamberlain. It was helping as vsco girls aesthetic.

Tik Tok

TikTok is a favorite social media app for gens. It was a short video app. Many of the categories were here. Last year they tag 422.4 videos. August 30, How vsco girls add for the water bottle decorated with strikes and side ponytail with scrunchies.


Instagram is a social media photo editing app. Most of the people were content with this site and carefully curated and more professionally. Sometimes the vsco girls search to live in high apposition makeup, and unnaturally perfection commonly associates with the app.


The controversy of the vsco girls is significant, because the parody is the many of the people made by parody, and cost it was the central theme of vsco girls. Their products will be very costly. The controversy is the central theme of vsco girls. If people change vsco girls, they have more money and get the products are very costly or branded only. Now I can explain about the vsco girls. I know you learn about vsco girls. You like this content, please comment in the comment box.

How to Appear offline steam Hide or invisible-2023


Steam appear to offline on one person

The steam is great gaming app. If you are like a gaming person you can use for it. It is the good and speed gaming app. You play game for online, it helpful to you. Play online games on steam, but you know how to invisible to your friends and how hide you on online. maybe that is not  fortunate, but the steam launches the new features.

how to steam appear to offline?

 it’s just set your PC, find the steam on your PC and play the game with your friends on online, your status and profile will be disappeared to the friends list. You play with your friends and chat with them on online game. It was a great facility on steam users. They are chatting with them and at the same time play with them.

Now how to hide the offline steam for friends?

You are in online, you use the steam, Do not use the steam in offline. You play offline and used the steam, you do two or four seconds on online, then you are in offline and use offline on steam. No different between online steam and offline steam. You play game and chat with your friends, and see your friends on online. These facilities are not to the offline. The new steam launch the new features, for the steam, chat and see friends list with a new design. You are in offline, you are invisible. But you chat and invite to your friends on offline.

How to appear offline steam or Invisible

Online steam shows your details to your friends. The offline is the privacy for save with your friends to the gaming time. So choose the privacy in the offline steam. Now we see how to appear offline steam? the simple ways for you…

 Step 1- Open your browser (chrome,firefox). go for steam option.


Step 2- You cannot log in the steam, you log in the steam with basic information. Click the option for chat on top of the page. enter to the page and left side the page on profile icon click it.


Step 3 Have a page gets on five options; there are, online, away, invisible, do not disturb, edit profile.


Step 4- Click the Invisible or offline, then your steam on offline.

Steam away

steam away is how to get out from the gaming. you can choose the option for the away you are in away from the game.

Do not disturb

you choose the option for do not disturb if your friends list will be disabled.

Edit profile

Change your profile on steam, what you like the profile go to the profile option and set your profile on steam.

Hide profile on offline steam

This option must be privacy on your profile. It is safe for you and it was a great idea to hide on your profile with your friends. You are in online, but hide status to your friends, you can play with them and chat with them, it was a really amazing option for you. You are in privacy but you show your status for one person.

Step 1-open your steam, go to your profile. And into the edit profile.

Step 2- choose my privacy settings it gets some options there are:

             * My profile 
             * Game details
             * Friends list
             * Inventory
             * Can post commands on my profile.

In these five options have three options are Private, Public, and Friends only. you can select any option for you like, and set them on the steam profile.

final words

The steam is the gaming app for use by online play gaming users. I think above the ideas are used to us. While log in the steam to one person and play games with your friends. Playing it and enjoyed it, for yourself. You have any doubts please ask your question in the comment box. You think, this blog is used one, please share this blog to your friends. Thank you for read this blog.

WMI Provider Host Fix (WmiPrvSE.exe)


You are a computer user, at some point you must have system slag slowness or even the computer becoming hot. Yes, the experience is very awful and it leave you worried and frustrated, you are trying to work on something that is very important. You don’t have to be worried, since the time is a result of unusual behavior of the WMI Provider. Host service not being able to follow a pattern, it is supposed.

What is a WMI Host Provider and how to fix it? Probably this is the question that you are asking yourself, you come across this term. You are wondering the term in the right place.

What is WMI Provider Host 

The term is simply an acronym for Windows Management Instrumentation Provider Service. The tool was designed by the Microsoft team and it is a very vital tool, it comes to accuracy in the functionality of the Windows Operating System.

The tool aids in process of requesting information, that is initiated by other applications in your computer and it mostly runs in the background. Under normal circumstances, the process is not supposed to utilize a lot of your computer resources, but it not a case for every Windows computer user, some come across high disk usage error. The process utilizes a lot of CPU resources provided, there is another process in your computer system which is misbehaving.

In other words, the tool is just a standard way for an application or even an administrative script to access information on the state of your Windows Operating System or the data that is in it by simply requesting.

The tool, therefore, makes the information available upon every request made by a program. For example, software and computer commands can be used to access the information on the state of BitLocker drive encryption, so the tool kicks in to provide it, which one is given the ability to access the entries which are in the event logs or even can be given access on information concerning an installed application that may even include the WMI Provider.

The tool is very essential especially for organizations, that manage their Computer, centrally the requested scripts can be displayed on administrative consoles. Other than being a module that can provide communication for data, the tool is very important, it comes to finding a variety of vital pieces of information that is normally not displayed or exposed on the windows interface of your computer.

The tool can also prove to useful for Developers for monitoring purpose. For example, the WMI Command line tool (WMIIC) can be useful, you need to know your computer’s Serial Number, motherboards’ model number or even to see the SMART health status of your computer’s hard drive.

Why is the WMI Provider Host Utilizing a large number of CPU Resources?

Under normal circumstances of operations, the WMI Provider Host should only consume 1% to 2% of your CPU resources, a program sends a request for information to be made available. There should not be any problems arising with this standard rate of utilization. However, it’s very noticeable, something is not right, the WMI Provider Host puts a significant amount of load on the CPU, which comes as a result of high memory usage.

Some of the issues that you may experience, it happens include:

  • Programs become unresponsive.
  • The CPU’s Temperature increase.
  • Your computer become slow.
  • Your experience slag and slowness on a computer program.

How to Fix WMI Provider Host

You have come across the issues or problems above, there is a chance that you are probably wondering on how to fix them, but there is no need, there are several method or ways to fix these issue that come as a result of high usage of the CPU’s resources. You can use the following ways to fix the problem.

Restart Your Personal Computer

You face a problem with your Personal computer, you are advised to restart your Personal Computer. There are many benefits, that restart your computer.

A computer reboot flushes the Random Access Memory, (RAM) which is the main type of memory for your computer. The ram is responsible for short term tasks and data, therefore, it is flushed out, it does away with data which is random, temporary and not important, which may be the reason, why you are experiencing problems in your device. Rebooting your computer may be an efficient way to achieve a good performance of your device, the Random Access Memory will be flushed.

The rebooting process has proved to be a process, that saves time, it comes to fixing errors. It is also important to note that Computers, to take a very long period of time without reboots, become prone to bugs and glitches and restarting your computer.  A suitable way to recharge your computer’s memory and keep them free from overloads.

Restarting your computer is a simple method, also the Windows Operating System a recharge and ability to restore service, that have been compromised by an application, hence anything can be causing WMI Provider Host to follow a pattern, it is not supposed to follow the resolved in the process.  This process works mostly for about 99% of users, it gone through these problems. However, it may not work for everyone, therefore other methods can be tried.

Ways to restart your PC

There are many ways to you can use restart your computer. Below the methods for you.

Way 1: On all Windows version, you can restart your computer, in the Desktop and press a combination of keys (Alt + F4) to display a menu. Click on the down arrow to display a list and select Restart and finish by clicking Ok to start the process.

Way 2: On the lower-left corner of your computer screen lies the Start. Click on the feature and proceed by clicking on the Power option. After that, a menu is displayed, hence click the Restart option to start the process.

Way 3: Another way to restart your PC is by simultaneously pressing the (ctrl + alt + delete) Keys on your keyboard. An administrative menu is displayed to proceed by locating the Power Icon and clicking it to select the restart option.

Way 4: You can also use the Command Line to restart your computer. Simply click on Start and open the Command prompt as an admin. Then type ‘shutdown /r’ on the tool to start the process.

Restart the Windows Provider Host Service

To restart the Windows Management Instrumentation Services Simply Hold the Windows key in your keyboard and press the R Button. The Run dialogue box open, key in “services.msc’ and wait for the services console window to display.

Proceed by locating the Windows Management Instrumentation Service from the services console or you can press the W button on your keyboard to get to all the services, that have a name starting with the letter ‘W’.  After locating the service, take a cursor on it and right-click to choose the restart option to begin the process.

Alternatively, press the (Ctrl + Alt + Delete) Keys on your keyboard. An administrative menu is displayed to proceed by locating the Task manager option and clicking it, to open the Task Manager menu or you can use the shortest method to access the Task Manager, where by you just have to perform a key combination from your keyboard (Ctrl + Shift + Esc).

Continue by clicking on Open Services, which is located on the footer of the tool to access the services console window. Finish by locating the Windows Management Instrumentation Service from the services console or you can press the W button on your keyboard to get to all the services, that have a name starting with the letter ‘W’.  After locating the service, take a cursor on it and right-click to choose the restart option to begin the process.

This process should solve the WMI Provider Host high usage of CPU resources for a large number of users. However, if the process could not help you with the issues, it definitely means that you have to employ another method or tactic.

Repair or Rebuild the Windows Management Instrument

The method is very efficient in case the problem to being cause by this service. You might experience the high memory usage problem, there is a corrupt file in the WMI Provider Host file. This process aims to repair or rebuild the Windows management Instrument file.

To repair the file, simply click on the Start button and type Run in the search box, as you press the Enter button to access the Run dialogue box. Alternatively, you can use the (Windows key + X) to find the Run option and click on it to open the dialogue box.

The dialogue box is displayed  the following command ‘Winmgmt/salvagerepository%windir%System32wbem’ and the Enter button to proceed. Sometimes you may not get any feedback or response. When this happens, simply try the following command ‘Winmgmt/resetrepository%windir%System32wbem’. Finally, restart your computer.

The following steps should be able to reset the WMI state to its original or initial file hence solving the high memory usage error that can be caused by corrupt WMI files.

Repairing corrupt files

Apart from the Windows Management Instrumentation files, there might be other program files causing error to your system. You can find and repair the files using the following way.

Simply, search for the Command prompt tool and run it in an administrator. After the tool opens, key in the following commands ‘SFC/scannow’ followed by a press of the Enter button and wait for a moment for the scan process to complete.

The scan process is complete, still in the command prompt key in ‘DISM/Online/Cleanup-Image/RestoreHealth’ so you can get a detailed report of the corrupted files in your system. After confirming that your system has corrupted files, the next step is to remove the errors immediately.

You may need to download a utility program to remove the error, such as the Reimage Plus. Download and run the program to fix the corrupted files by either repairing them or restoring the missing files.

Restart Other Associated Services

Simply, click on Start and open the Command prompt as an admin. Alternatively, you can access the command prompt, you can press the (Windows key + R) keys on your keyboard and type command and proceed by pressing the (Ctrl + Shift + Enter) keys simultaneously.

You should also note that, you are running on the latest version of Windows, you may need to type cmd.exe on your computer’s search bar and right-click on the Command prompt tool as you select the Run as administrator option. Then type the following commands on the tool and hit the Enter button after writing each command to start the process.

After the command, restart your computer and check the problem is fixed. The above command should allow the process to drop a significant amount of CPU resources, being used and bring it back to its normal functionality. The method doesn’t work for your computer, there is no need to worry, there are other methods that will be covered for you to try.

Run an Antivirus or a Cleaner Scan Program

An antivirus can hinder some applications from doing their work, to creating a functionality problem for the computer system. Even the misc files are also capable of causing problems to a computer system.

The WMI Provider Host is performing its functions, it may encounter applications to have files and data has been cached or some even be temporary files, which ends up interfering with the crucial computer system component. This problem can be solved by getting a reliable antivirus and installing a scan or clean a program to fix the problem, it makes easy for you to perform an action on your computer.

Perform a Clean Boot in Order to identify a faulty application

A particular or specific program can cause a high usage of CPU resources by WMI Provider Host. This is the case, performing a Clean boot can be a perfect method in solving the problem. You should note that, in a clean boot, only service the essence, performing the booting process are loaded, the rest are disabled.

The following procedure can be used to perform the clean boot process.

Begin by clicking on the Start button and type Run in the search box, as you press the Enter button to access the Run dialogue box. Alternatively, you can use the (Windows key + X) to find the Run option and click on it to open the dialogue box.

The dialogue box is displayed, move the cursor and place it in the box and key in ‘MSConfig’ and click OK or press the Enter button from your keyboard. Proceed by clicking on the Services tab and click the uncheck button for ‘Hide all Microsoft services.

The next move is to click on the Disable all option and press the Enter button on your keyboard or you may decide to click OK. Proceed by clicking on the Startup tab and clicking on the Open Task Manager option to display the Task Manager.

Once the Task Manager panel has displayed, click on the Startup tab and check on the status of the applications or programs. Continue by clicking on all of the options, that are enabled and disable them. When the applications or programs have been disabled restart your computer.

After your computer powers on, try and check if you can still experience the problem. If the WMI Provider Host high usage of CPU resources is no longer an issue then it probably means that a third-party program or service was causing the problem.

Lastly, go back to the task manager and start enabling the services. For effectiveness, enable the services one at a time, so that you can keep tabs with the CPU usage and when you notice that the high CPU usage is back, then it’s high time to disable or Uninstall the program you just enabled.

Locating the Process with the aid of the Event Viewer and Uninstalling it

Begin by pressing the (Windows key + X) keys on your keyboard to initiate the WinX Menu. Continue by select ting the Event Viewer in the WinX Menu. Alternatively, you can open the run dialogue box and type eventvwr and press okay to launch the tool. After the Event viewer panel is opened, click on the View tab and enable the Show Analytic and Debug Logs option. Proceed by clicking on the Applications and Services Logs option which is located on the left of the Event viewer panel.

Move the cursor to Microsoft and double click on it followed by a selection of Windows. Proceed by clicking on WMI activity and click on Operational log. After that take note of the items listed as Error and double click to open the specifications. There is also a good chance that you will see many or several errors here. The errors may result from the same ProcessID number or they might result from different Process IDs.

When you open the specifications, under the General tab find the ClientProcessId and take note of the numbers. Simultaneously press the (Ctrl + Alt + Delete) Keys on your keyboard. An administrative menu is displayed, hence proceed by locating the Task manager option and clicking it to open the Task Manager menu. Alternatively, you can use the (Windows key + X) keys on your keyboard to initiate the WinX Menu. Continue by selecting the Task Manager in the WinX Menu.

Finally, when you have the Task Manager panel, click on the Services tab and scroll up and down to find the service that matches the ClientProcessId the one you noted and decide if you would like to disable it or uninstall it.

Updating drivers of the components causing the problem

After completing finding the processes that may be causing the errors, you can try updating the drivers of the component. An error like this can be cause by faulty software and hardware drivers. It is not that common but it is worth giving it a shot. There are two ways in which you can use to achieve this:

Updating drivers manually

To update drivers manually is simply done by accessing the manufacturers’ official website of the component and searching for the latest version of it and selecting the version that is suitable for your computer system.

Updating drivers automatically

Sometimes you may find it to be a tiresome ordeal if you have to manually update drivers, therefore when time is of the essence you may opt for something that works well with patience and computer skills.

You can use the Driver Easy utility to install the latest versions of your computer programs or components. The Driver Easy utility has the ability to recognize your computer system and recommend for you the latest versions of your components or programs where you can download and install them accordingly.

All you need is to download and install the Driver Easy utility program and run a scan or click Scan Now. If there are driver related issues, they will be reported by the tool. Proceed by clicking Update all so that you can begin the automatic process of downloading and installing the drivers that might be missing in your computer or even drivers that are out of date.

You may need the PRO version to do this process but you don’t have to worry since the utility has a thirty-day money-back guarantee just in case the computer user is not satisfied with its operations, therefore, you could easily ask for a refund. The tool also has the ability to provide you with a manual option where it flags the programs that need updating or the missing drivers in your computer and leaves you to decide which driver you need to download and install.

Booting into Safe Mode with Networking

Performing a computer troubleshoot in a safe Mode is one of the ways that adequately assist in isolating and identifying computer-related problems.

Begin by clicking on the Start button and type Run in the search box as you press the Enter button to access the Run dialogue box. Alternatively, you can use the (Windows key + X) keys to find the Run option and click on it to open the dialogue box. Additionally, there’s a shorter method to open the Run dialogue box. Simultaneously click on the (Windows key + R) keys on your keyboard.

The dialogue box is displayed, move the cursor and place it in the box and key in ‘MSConfig’ and click OK or press the Enter button from your keyboard. Proceed by clicking on the Boot tab and click to tick on the ‘Safe boot’ button and click Apply and OK for changes to be effective. It is recommended that one saves their files and data before they proceed in clicking the Restart option to enter into Safe Mode.

When your computer is finally in the safe mode, simultaneously press the (Windows key + X) keys to initiate the WinX Menu then select the Windows PowerShell (Admin) option from the menu and when the selected tool opens, proceed by typing or keying in the following commands ‘msdt.exe -id MaintenanceDiagnostic’ and press the Enter button. After that, a troubleshooting window is displayed and continues the process by clicking Next.

When you reach this point, the troubleshooter detects some of the problems and gives detailed instructions on how to solve the problem. Go back to the PowerShell Window and typing or keying in the following commands ‘msdt.exe -id PerformanceDiagnostic’ and press the Enter button. After that, a troubleshooting window is displayed and continues the process by clicking Next. You may end up getting a notification that something in your system needs to be changed hence follow the instructions given to fix the problem.

After the process of troubleshooting is done, you have to go back or boot to the normal mode. I know you are probably wondering how to do this but is not a rocket science thing. Simultaneously click on the (Windows key + R) keys on your keyboard to initiate the Run dialog box and when it opens to move the cursor and place it in the box and key in ‘msconfig’ and click OK or press the Enter button from your keyboard. Proceed by clicking on the Boot tab and click to untick or uncheck on the ‘Safe boot’ button and click Apply and OK for changes to be effective and finish the process by restarting your computer to enter into Normal Mode.

Running the System Maintenance Troubleshooter

Many of the problems can be solved using this built-in feature, therefore it’s worth trying. This feature can be accessed by following procedure.

Simultaneously press the (Windows Key + R) on your keyboard to initiate the Run dialog box and when it opens to move the cursor and place it in the box and key in ‘control’ and click OK or press the Enter button from you keyboard to open the Control Panel. Proceed by searching for troubleshoot int the search box and click on Troubleshooting. The next step will be clicking on View all, it is located in the left of the pane.

After clicking on view all continue by clicking on System Maintenance so that you are able to run the Troubleshooter for System Maintenance to fix the WMI Provider Host high usage of CPU resources.


A user may also think about disabling the WMI service instead of going through all these methods. Technically, it is a process that can be done, however, when you think its main purpose; providing information, you will understand that it is not a good idea to disable it.

The WMI Provider Host is a very fundamental and critical system feature. A system component is causing the high CPU usage errors or misbehaving, you already have information that is proven to be useful in fixing the problem.

Before performing any of the methods above always remember to save you files and data. It is also recommended for you to create a restore point so that when something goes wrong, you will always have a restore point to refer it.

how to activate or Enable bits on Twitch-2023


How to cheer on twitch

Contrary to what the name suggests, cramp is a compliment of streamers. One-way streamer can make some money for their work, as subscriber enthusiasm is another way to support parents and affiliates. The video gaming community has expanded beyond it in recent years. The popular game streaming site Twitch exclusive has a financial problem. Not affiliated with the company-it belongs to Amazon. Its streamers, like other video platform creators, are paid based on advertising footage and subscriptions. It’s difficult for small channels to meet the ends. Which is why? There is a sub-economy of donations and tips, and today, twitch partner tries to call that economy a ” feature,” It means cheering.

Didn’t twitch inspired you anymore? Perhaps you have if you are an active user of the site. However, viewers and broadcasters were not aware of all the exciting exclusive. You will admit that enthusiasm is necessary on streaming sites as video creators are encouraged to work actively. Twitch prime shows how to be professional and what streamers are going to benefit them. Here are details on how to promote twitch, which will attract readers to a better twitching experience.


What are Twitch bits mean?

Drag bit is nothing positive emotions that streamers send via chat. In other words, you can admire and support your favorite broadcaster. Twitch bits can also used as currency and purchased online or earned by the visitors. It will allow them to view free ads on Twitch. Those viewers can admire and support their favorite streamers.

Cheer thanks to the audience for being warm and fuzzy on the inside. Streamers can use third-party integrations from Maxi, Twitch alerts, and others to automatically create messages on the screen, thanks to their donations. As for the positive feedback loop, you would imagine that many broadcasters would use those combinations. Chat users earn special badges that are more visible to the community in the chat. Buying a Twitch channel subscription that similar chat benefits.

When view the streamers of their respective broadcasters, you can transfer or donate the twitch bits, you have collected to those broadcasters. Badgers are awarded to visitors for spending Twitch bits. As a result, streamers receive constant support from viewers for uploading more valuable content on Twitch.

How to cheer on Twitch

To use the cheer option in the chat box, you need bits. Twitch links and partners can cheer by default. As an observer, the only thing you can do is save a few bits to do it. The process of listening to twitch subscription is not complicated. You need to be a member, so sign up for Twitch, if you want to get excited. You can earn some cheers by watching ads on Twitch affiliate or buy bits to unlock exciting emotions. Keep in my that some streamers decide the minimum bits cheer on their channel. In case, the bit sent less than the number set by the visitor.

This message send to chat after you hit enter, and your excitement added to the streamer’s account. Get ready to watch a fun animation, instead of the word cheers the number on the message; every bit is associated with a specific emote icon, which serves as the embellishment of your message. Sometimes visitors face a challenge, they type something wrong and want to change the message. You can do it within the first 5 seconds of sending. There is a countdown timer; you can press this period to prevent your message from being sent. Following these step.

  1. Select the chat box in the stream.
  2. Select the bits icon in the box and select a Twitch symmetry.
  3. Add the number of bits you want to encourage.
  4. You can use the menu or type sears 500 for sears 500 bits.
  5. Change the size of the bits as you see fit.

Setting up as a cheer with a streamer


As a streamer, you have to run the excitement. As an observer, you need to load your account with bits to use the excitement. Twitch link and many partners cheat by default, but you are not one of them; you have to do it manually.

  1. Navigate to partner settings in your twitch dashboard.
  2. Select the cheer section and enable cheering with bits.
  3. Sign the tax form and review the cheering amendment to the content partner agreement.
  4. Scroll to bits threshold setting and set minimum bits to cheer to a figure above 1.
  5. Set the minimum bit emotes to something above 1.
  6. Select cheer chat badge settings, your audience gets the love too.
  7. Post an entry on your page to tell everyone you now accept cheers.

Setting the minimum bits to excite above one bit should stop most spammers. It is necessary, because there are a lot of spammers on the site. Setting this amount up takes a little trial and error. A smaller channel should set it lower. Larger or more popular channels outpaced. It would help if you experimented with what you can get. Better to get 500 two bits, cheer than ten 50 bites cheers, so set your amount accordingly.

Setting as a cheer with a viewer

As a twitch through video viewer, you don`t have to worry about setting up your channels. Your accounts were filled with bits. Select the streamers and deliver them. You need real money to buy bits to load your account to convey twitch currency.

At that moment,100,bites =$1..40.and 25000 bites are=$308. You can bye them in 100,500,1500,5000,10,000 and 25,000 amounts.

  • Log into your account.
  • Select the get bites button, at the top of the screen above the video player or in the chat message box.
  • Select to buy and choose the payment method.
  • Log in and authorized the payment.
  • Select continue to check the purchase.
  • Select pay now to do just that.

Purchase instant, and the associated bits appear in your account. There is an upper limit of 25,000 bits you can solve to your twitch account at any time. If you do not want to pay, you can promote on Twitch using for advertising. It is a recently launched new service that rewards you with bits in exchange for viewing ads. It`s available on desktop soon.

  1. Install the Twitch app or update to the latest version. Here`s Twitch for android and Twitch for iOS.
  2. Select the chat window and select get bits from the chatbox.
  3. Select the ad above.
  4. Your bits were created to your account automatically.

You’ll watch the entire ad to be eligible for payment, but once you do, the bits are automatically credited to your account. The system is still replaced, the delivery take a while, but it seems to work correctly.

Cheering for moderators

Viewers can provide their chat messages with greater visibility. Therefore cheers appear to chat, when the chat is only in slow mode unless the viewer is block. However, not all cheer message were entirely moderate. Channel owner and their moderators may block or expire any chat content, including bits. Please note the cheering message, before removing obstacles and deadlines similar to the chat message, but the bits are not using.

Benefits of cheer twitch

You may be wondering what it is like to send money directly to a  twitch PayPal account and buy bits and encourage them online. However, considering the disadvantages of the PayPal twitch payment system and knowing the benefits of encouraging twitch, it is much easier for users to choose which types of donations to prioritize.


  1. Thanks to the badges they receive, every visitors contribute to the channel can be easily understood.
  2. Minimum to set up. There is no need to share your personal information; it is concerned about the possibility of freezing your money by the requirements of the payment system. Every  Twitch affiliate and partner on twitch prime is providing this feature immediately after registration.
  3. Fraud prevention: unlike PayPal, which supports charging, it doesn`t mean to worry if you receive impressive donations, while donors know how much money they get when they send them a bit for twitch currency.
  4. The donation process is easy and quick. Twitch through the visitors can purchase bits in advance and send them out when viewing the streams without the need to leave anything on the page. Also, every excitement can be emotional and makes the process very exciting.
  5. The possibility to Twitch RPG of donation is a small area. Not every visitor is ready to send a large amount of money but cheering and twitch subscription with bits starts from 1%, convenient and affordable. It leads to a large number of visitors making donations and increasing participation.
  6. You can earn streaming bits by watching ads, so you can support streamers that don`t pay twitch a cent from your pocket.
  7. Spelling operation, Twitch platform allows you to change your message within five minutes. Even if you are wrong, you can fix it.
  8. Cheers send to chat everyone looks at them in Twitch RPG; this enables streamers to follow a highly dedicated audience and encourage other users to donate.

Every excitement and message in the chat is moderate; users who violate the rules are punishing by being banned or expiring and lose the right to encourage. An inappropriate message is removed and bits or sent to the pay twitch streamer`s account.

Every site on the web recognizes the importance of interactions with users and rewards contents providers about the twitch platform. It is crucial to guarantee everyone’s best experience, which is one reason why twitch alerts are excited to launch. Viewers have the opportunity to show their appreciation and appreciation to streamers while at last, giving them away to channel monetization.

Do you have to get benefits from this writing? about the Twitch platform. Ask your question in the comment box, and share your friends because they have known about this. Thank you.

how to find a Facebook Profile picture-2023


How to find our friend name on Facebook with their photo

Facebook using image search is as simple as accessing the site`s search bar. If you believe you will find someone through the picture, you can try. About 300 million photos are uploaded to the social media website by Facebook users every day. Facebook using image search is a method of finding the FB user profile through Photo ID, Photo search, or advanced Facebook search. Facebook is the most popular website in the world. More than 2 Billion people use Facebook on every month. You have a picture and want to find its profile or related data, or find a Facebook user’s profile and find a Facebook profile, you can try the following methods.

Finding your friends on Facebook is very easy. Because the people, also use the site all the time. How to find our friends, using multiple Facebook IDs with the same name?. You have their photo; thereby, you find their address, Date of birth. It was a straightforward method to find it. Now see the solution of finding an address with their photo or Find a Facebook user’s profile.

What is Facebook Image search?

It is a fantastic technique to find a Facebook profile through Photo ID, Facebook search, Facebook image search, or Facebook user’s Profile search. Alternatively, you use the search engine to identify a user’s profile when you have a name. You also narrow down your search through the advance search option.

How to search Facebook image?

Have you searched for a picture on Facebook? How you find this picture. There is an easy way to find the image you want. Photos with public settings always appear in the result, it has a public Facebook account, privacy settings or deciding factors in a user’s Facebook account. Friends or friends of friends images with privacy settings can be difficult to find unless you are near connecting with that person. Facebook search is differs from google. Facebook has to look at three critical factors when displaying an image for a search query, google Alt will crawl and index images based on text.


  1. It can crawl Facebook photos based on account ID. 
  2.  It should also take into account users’ privacy settings.
  3. Only public photos can show.

Generally, search for images on Facebook, log into the account, and type the relevant Keywords/ results in the Facebook query. You can search for a specific image by adding the phrase ABC`s photos link to get more reliable results. Alternatively, searching for images and profiles is a long, complicated process. You can visit Facebook.com/directory and use the options to cut characters to find a specific profile.

Use the Facebook ID number

Did you know that some Facebook pictures have a Facebook photo number embedded in the filename? This method is relatively easy to use. Follow the steps below to use the unique ID number that Facebook assigns to each photo.

Using  Photo ID Number
1. Look at the file name of the image.
2. The image filename is FB.
3. The file contains 3 sets of numbers. Find the middle sets of numbers. 
Eg:   Fbit=91261861e&set=a.646682546165774.5849.8967958595278733312&. We are looking for the underlined package. (make sure there is no decimal).
4. This number sets in the Facebook users profile ID.
5.Type in the URL: https//www.facebook.com./photo.php?fbid=****.
6. Enter the profile ID number instead of ***.
7. Press enter and you will be able to see the profile of the FB users. Cheers!

The above methods have some limitations in terms of users privacy settings. you can try it.

Using Facebook reverse image search

Facebook Reverse image search is a powerful technology to detect the source of a photo. Facebook Reverse image search enables you to find similar images from the internet quickly. You can upload images to the search engine, and the engine will display similar images from the internet. You upload an image for a photo, all the photos similar to the source show you. If the URL associated with the image comes from Facebook, you can see the user and other information related to the profile. There are many online reverse image search engines to find information for a photo.

Search by image-Google

  • Visit: images.google.com.
  • You will see a camera icon in the search bar.
  • Click on the icon and upload the image from your device gallery.
  • Enter and when done the image will be shown with the results associated with it.

To get more custom results, you can turn the search keyword into a site: Facebook.com. It only provides image search results from Facebook.com. except for other sites that show results in the FB profile finder.


You can do a Facebook image search to find users through an image using Photo ID, URL, or big recognition technology with the above techniques; I hope you do this for fair use only, not a funnel. Therefore, Facebook image search is considered the best method to find information about the FB user, using the photo. You can also check, the photos are from Facebook or any other website. The photo is taking from FB, you can easily find the photo ID. If not, you use the generic URL to dig into the right Facebook page quickly. You have any doubt please ask your question on the comment box, I hope we clear your problems. You have like this post please share to your friends and recommend to your friends. Thanks for attending and read to this post.

What Is The New Video Trend On Social Media?

The Internet has become unavoidable now and especially with social media, there is hardly a possibility that you will find someone who does not have a social media account. Over social media the trends keep changing, one day there is something new leading the viral charts, and the next day it will be lost somewhere below. It is unpredictable just for how long any trend will be staying, especially with the changing algorithms as well.

Currently, we are witnessing a change in video trends. Long gone is the time when you would need to film several minutes-long videos to come on the top, but today it has changed. Long-form videos are not a social media trend anymore. The biggest reason is our attention spans. When we have so much content to go through, there are hardly any people who will sit back and want to enjoy a 30-minute long video. Therefore, creators are not coming out with short-form videos. No longer than a minute or two. The same idea that they would have taken 30 minutes to cover, is now unwinding in only a minute. Intriguing.

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Social Media And The Short-Form Videos

On social media, there is a huge tendency toward short-form content. From TikTok’s meteoric rise to Instagram’s introduction of Reels and Reddit’s recent acquisition of Dubsmash, social networks have jumped on the short-form video content bandwagon, and it only shows how this trend might not exactly be going anywhere.

We cannot say that these are the catalyst of short-form videos. Vine was a platform that allowed users to make a six-second video and submit it to their page before these popular apps. Vine had 200 million active users, its height before had to be shut down in 2016 and all due to the competition from TikTok. Nonetheless, the same creators that is on Vine, found their way to TikTok and rose to fame thanks to their creative films posted in such a short amount of time, that despite being short were interesting enough to grab the audience’s attention.

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Why Is The Short-Form Video Trend Rising?

We get bored easily since the average person’s attention span is about eight seconds. Our attention spans are dwindling as a result of the continual barrage of information we are assaulted with, and the act of fast scrolling, through our social feeds just adds to that, so a three-minute film won’t be enough to slow us down. It is widely believed that a video does not capture the viewer’s attention in the first 10-20 seconds, then there is hardly any chance that they will sit through the entire video.

This concept has given the rise to these short-form videos. The user is forced to be creative in how they convey their message, because of the constrained video format of 60 seconds or less. So either you can put out a banger, or maybe just another video that will get lost on the internet.

Wrapping Up,

These short-form videos; despite being a contemporary trend, have a rather divided opinion. Many people believe that it will finally break at a point since not every video creator can hold on to something that longs for something that lacks a lot of backstory or effort and simply thrives on the viral ideas that one minute is on top and the next day might be gone.

It can have a divided opinion, but all we know is that currently, the new video trend on social media is of short-form videos and we do not see it going anywhere and at least any time soon. So only time will tell.