Are you a student or housewife, and working man who are you? That`s not a matter. Suppose you want studies, no class, and fee. It was a new method for you. Shaw academy certificate is a new method to study for us for many courses. Suppose you are at home or college, school and worked in any place if you join the class for your mobile. You can choose the date and time of your class. It was easy, and you get a degree for this method quickly. It was a monthly course or yearly course you can choose that. I hope it is useful for you. You can study in three-course maximum per day. It was just one hour class. You can study in any place. Shaw academy allows us.

You are known as an online job. It studies online with the mobile paid for very little money well spent for you. Spent the money from very few to choose your course if the course chooses your fee for the studies. The monthly plan starts with a very low cast. Only it is the new format of studies. A million peoples have used it and complete their degree. Use it us and gets our degree for an online course. So you get Shaw academy free courses.

Shaw Academy courses Review

Are you interested in an online course but the plans and praises in more types? If you select the type of course on rs-600 plan for monthly. You have to choose a monthly plan or a yearly plan. This network had some offers. Lifetime membership will have appeared. You are in an offer the percentage of 50% discount for the Airtel viewers. In Shaw academy review, i think this article really helps you.

You can get the plan on Premium membership; You are in studied with two and more courses.

Shaw Academy courses Review

  • photography (Adobe Lightroom,Photoshop,wedding photography,smartphone photography,photography,video)
  • Finance (ultimate Traders program, Financial Trading&investment, household Budgeting.)
  • Health&wellness (nutrition,sports&Exercise nutrition,Fitness &weight Lose,child nutrition,ultimate Weight Loss Program.)
  • Marketing(Digital Marketing, Social media marketing, viral marketing,blogging&content Marketing)
  • Technology (mobile App Development, Cryptocurrency, web Development, Advanced Web Development coding for kids, Scratch for beginners)
  • Design (Illustrator, Graphic Design, Web Design, Advanced Web Design)
  • Beauty(Personal Beauty, Advanced Personal Beauty)
  • Music (Guitar Basics, Music, Ultimate Guitar Program, Advanced Music)
  • Business(Leadership&Management, English For Business, Career Advancement, Ultimate career Accelerator, Microsoft Excel, Psychology For sales, Business Success, Ultimate Entrepreneurship Program)
  • English(English For Beginners)

Shaw Academy login

Now we start how to log in, the shaw academy login process.

  • First open to the Shaw academy. Create your account.
shaw academy login page
  • What you like a course you can choose it. It has a lot of options for you.
  • Enter your card details and to continue for your four-week free course.
  • After four weeks, you have to continue to the online course at that you pay the fee. And you do not like the course, you have cancelled the course suddenly. That`s your choice.

How to Access Shaw Academy Airtel

Actually, you have to complete the four-week free course then you have to pay the fee. So you have an Airtel sim, you do not have to pay the fee forever. Because the Airtel stream was having a package of many types and plans, could you have an Airtel sim? It is for your lucky charm. You do not have to pay again for only the airtel customer. This airtel company had many plans and packages. So it`s useful to us—the Shaw academy for the choice only with Airtel users.

 Airtel plans and prices

medium package – 1-month package.
high-level package-yearly package.

Type of the package, planes

The three types of packages are variate by the plans. The low-level package is called SILVER. The medium level package is called GOLD. The high-level package is called PLATINUM.

  • Silver (Free Hello tunes, Wynk Music, Airtel Xstream App.


  • Gold(Free Hello tunes, Wynk music, Airtel Xstream App Premium, Free online courses, Get Rs.150 Cashback on FASTag.
  • Platinum(ZEE5 Premium subscription, Amazon prime at no Extra cost, free online courses Shaw Academy, Free Hello tunes, Wynk Premium: Ad-Free Music, Airtel Xstream App Premium, Airtel Secure, Juggernaut Book, VIP Service, Get Rs.150 cashback on FASTtag.
  • It shows what you have the pack, silver or gold or platinum. You can select anyone. Shaw academy plans would be available for Gold or platinum.

How to use Shaw Academy for free

    • First of all, users having the sim is Airtel. Download the Airtel app and enter it, the right corner of the page Discover airtel thanks tap it.
shaw academy airtel-2023
  • Choose the active button that enters the Shaw Academy website. What you like about the course you can choose it, and studied it. Congrats on your studies.
shaw academy free course
  • You can set the time and date for your class. Before the 12 hours, you have alert mail for the class and your class’s time you have another alert mail you can join with the class at you click join now. You have attended the class is yours.

Shaw Academy delete account and delete Membership Account

1. Open your Gmail on your laptop or mobile phone.
2. To click the compose sent a mail for Shaw academy to fill the blank with to type the mail id:[email protected].
3. I was hoping you could enter the subject is cancel on my shaw academy membership.

Why do you cancel your membership for your reasons given to it, and then your membership will cancel?

You have cancelled the membership after the four-week free course you have studied. After the four weeks, you have not to cancel your membership, your card details will appear on the Shaw Academy, and most of the time, the wrong translation will appear on your account. So be carefully used the online course for several details.

Cancel format: go to your web browser and click on the option is My profile, and select for the Membership & benefit, you have wanted to continue this course click to No thanks. And choose the option not to use for the benefit of the Shaw academy for your account will be closed and cancelled.

The offer can change prices. So first check the offers and then decide what you have chosen the offer. I think this type of information uses for you. You have got profit information, please share with your friends, and if you have any doubts, please comment on the comment session.

Final verdict: 

The Shaw Academy is useful and very easy for our studies. No no more fees for your four-week classes and did you like to cancel the courses; you can do it. This opportunity will continue growing your studies and skills. So you are a member of the Airtel network if you are a lucky charm. Use our pack of the recharge is our studies and grow our skills. We think about it was the information would be satisfied with you—all the best for your studies and your career. Enjoy yourself for using it…


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