The Internet has become unavoidable now and especially with social media, there is hardly a possibility that you will find someone who does not have a social media account. Over social media the trends keep changing, one day there is something new leading the viral charts, and the next day it will be lost somewhere below. It is unpredictable just for how long any trend will be staying, especially with the changing algorithms as well.

Currently, we are witnessing a change in video trends. Long gone is the time when you would need to film several minutes-long videos to come on the top, but today it has changed. Long-form videos are not a social media trend anymore. The biggest reason is our attention spans. When we have so much content to go through, there are hardly any people who will sit back and want to enjoy a 30-minute long video. Therefore, creators are not coming out with short-form videos. No longer than a minute or two. The same idea that they would have taken 30 minutes to cover, is now unwinding in only a minute. Intriguing.

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Social Media And The Short-Form Videos

On social media, there is a huge tendency toward short-form content. From TikTok’s meteoric rise to Instagram’s introduction of Reels and Reddit’s recent acquisition of Dubsmash, social networks have jumped on the short-form video content bandwagon, and it only shows how this trend might not exactly be going anywhere.

We cannot say that these are the catalyst of short-form videos. Vine was a platform that allowed users to make a six-second video and submit it to their page before these popular apps. Vine had 200 million active users, its height before had to be shut down in 2016 and all due to the competition from TikTok. Nonetheless, the same creators that is on Vine, found their way to TikTok and rose to fame thanks to their creative films posted in such a short amount of time, that despite being short were interesting enough to grab the audience’s attention.

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Why Is The Short-Form Video Trend Rising?

We get bored easily since the average person’s attention span is about eight seconds. Our attention spans are dwindling as a result of the continual barrage of information we are assaulted with, and the act of fast scrolling, through our social feeds just adds to that, so a three-minute film won’t be enough to slow us down. It is widely believed that a video does not capture the viewer’s attention in the first 10-20 seconds, then there is hardly any chance that they will sit through the entire video.

This concept has given the rise to these short-form videos. The user is forced to be creative in how they convey their message, because of the constrained video format of 60 seconds or less. So either you can put out a banger, or maybe just another video that will get lost on the internet.

Wrapping Up,

These short-form videos; despite being a contemporary trend, have a rather divided opinion. Many people believe that it will finally break at a point since not every video creator can hold on to something that longs for something that lacks a lot of backstory or effort and simply thrives on the viral ideas that one minute is on top and the next day might be gone.

It can have a divided opinion, but all we know is that currently, the new video trend on social media is of short-form videos and we do not see it going anywhere and at least any time soon. So only time will tell.


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