Entropay is the most popular virtual visa debit card provider for online transactions. Here is the working guide on how to verify PayPal account with Entropay virtual visa debit cards. PayPal is the most popular online transaction system, that allows send/ receive money from worldwide. Everyone looking for how to use Entropay with PayPal. It is not an easy task to verify your PayPal account with your debit/credit cards. Once you get verified PayPal account, You can enjoy much more with your PayPal account for store your PayPal balance without transferring it to your bank account.

PayPal doesn’t allow users to save money in their wallets. Your wallet balance transferred to your bank account after 2,3 days. Once you receive money in your wallet. It avails only a few days. But in verified PayPal account, you can save your wallet balance up to unlimited validity without any bank transfers.

In this post am sharing easy guide for how to add Entropay to PayPal account and verify. It is an easy task with Entropay virtual visa cards. Basically, Entropay offers virtual visa cards for online transactions. If your original debit cards does not support in PayPal, You can use this Entropay visa card to get verified in PayPal account. So follow the below steps and enjoy verified PayPal account.

How To Get Virtual Visa Card Free From Entropay

    • Then complete signup with your details and go to funding section.
    • Then fill your current debit card details here and complete account signup.
    • Finally, deposit $20 in your Entropay account for activate your virtual visa card.
  • Than $20 will be credited in your Entropay virtual card and you can use it.

You must deposit $20 in Entropay for activating your free virtual visa debit card. Once your deposit successful, You will get your card details with card number with CVV code. Finally, add more balance as per your requirements and enjoy online transactions with Entropay virtual visa cards.

Follow the below steps for verifying PayPal with Entropay. The below steps are completely safe and easy to follow. Your account will be verified once you complete the below steps without any issues.

How To Verify Paypal Account

    • Log in to your PayPal account dashboard and add visa card.
    • Enter the card number and other details.
    • Then you will be charged $1.5 from your card.
    • Than $1.5 will be credited in your PayPal account within 2 or 3 days.
    • Finally open Entropay and check recent transactions.
    • You will get your transaction number of PayPal transaction.
  • Finally open PayPal and verify your Account using this transaction number.

Once you complete these steps, You will get a verified PayPal account within 2,3 days. PayPal charges only $1.5 from your Entropay virtual card, And it will be credited in your PayPal account again. So you can verify your Entropay virtual card details. Once your Entropay card get verified in PayPal. Then your PayPal account will be verified.

This is completely safe and easy to verify your PayPal account without credit card. Follow all the above steps and enjoy a verified PayPal account. Verified PayPal has a lot of features than non verified accounts. If you have any problems while using this trick on PayPal using Entropay cards, comment here.


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