We wrote about the topic is How to download YouTube videos for free and how to use it. We hope this page is really use for you. These methods are 100% working one.

Download YouTube videos

YouTube is one of the present life`s most important websites. All the people who use YouTube in the early morning to at his last moment for sleeping uses YouTube. The people use YouTube on a full day. YouTube viewers are youngsters to childhood babies and all the age of the people using it. They are using YouTube application; some people are watching entertainment, some were getting information, news, observing learning methods, cooking tips, educational tips, job offers, kids story, songs, movies, etc.

On the Internet, Google is the first place, and YouTube stream is the two places. 6.1 million videos have on YouTube. YouTube has 12 languages. Single-day million users are entering into YouTube. Monthly 2 billion people active on YouTube. Billion viewers are watching and shared most YouTube videos per day. Some people are observing the videos and get job offers we earned for most peaceful ways.

YouTube videos are not allowed to download. People are watching videos, and it was attracting them, and they want to watch repeatedly, but we search the video and then watched it, we think about if the video was the download we want that video we watch it. But the You-tubers are not allowed to the videos. It was a big problem for the viewers; it was irritated by the viewer’s mind. But it was not a problem. All the people who want to save YouTube videos download it. But the way was what? Now we see that. How to access YouTube videos.

Snaptube app downloading videos from Youtube

We recommended to you SnapTube new version app. It helps you to  access YouTube videos for free. We have already write about that SnapTube APK free all video downloader & mp3 converter. If you want it, please download and use it. You have used it and comment your experience, how it works don’t  forget to use that Snaptube app. You have want Snaptube APK version please read our site, or check our site and we give the download link so you want to download did it. We write about it. How to use Snaptube apk version, please read and check that.

Download Snaptube APK

How to download Youtube videos from snaptube app

  • Choose what you want to download video from YouTube application.
  • Click the download button.
  • select your video quality and click to download,
  • After few minutes later it will download your gallery.
  • It was the very easy method to use How to download youtube videos from snaptube on your phone.

How to download Youtube videos on android phone for free

There are several app have download Youtube videos, I have give the lists below. But the best one is TubeMate.

  • Download TubeMate app.
  • Change your security setting.
  • Open tubemate and search your favorite Youtube video download it.
  • Click on the download button on your screen.
  • Choose your video quality and hit the download button.
  • Click on the Downloads list icon, in the bottom menu to find the video.
  • Download Youtube videos and click the three dot icon and it save to new location and it has the option to rename to the video.

That’s all the Youtube video has downloaded your mobile phone.  Use these method have you any doubt ask to the comment box. I have cleared that.

How to download Youtube videos on Mac and windows for free

One of the best downloader app is 4K downloader app. We write about it and how to download youtube video on Windows and PC.

  • Download and install 4K downloader app and open the tool.
  • Copy the link of youtube video what do you like.
  • Paste the video link from the menu.
  • Choose the video quality and download to it.
  • After downloading video click the three dot to find the video on your computer or system.

How to download Youtube videos on iPhone and iPad for free

iphone is having a app store. So have you using this to download YouTube videos on iphone and ipad  for free. If you have a iPhone or iPad you have watching YouTube on your iPhone.

  • Head over to the video solo website.
  • copy the link for what you have download to the video link and paste it to the text box.
  • Click download option, and preferred output option.
  • Enter a name and download location.
  • Click the download section. Open the download folder.
  • Click the three dot icon and click to the save and share icon.
  • The video has saved on the local storage.

simple to only Youtube download sites on Mac and Windows. You have use this steps, it will helps you to download YouTube videos. If you have any doubts ask your question on the comment section.

If you have used about these methods. I have recommend to some other sites to save YouTube videos on your system please used to the below formats. These site are officially works. There are 100% working methods.

YouTube video downloader sites

Another choice is to download the videos from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. That the link given below

1.save from.net 

Save from.net on this website is most useful for download videos from YouTube. Copy to the URL, paste it, then download the videos of your choice. Save from.net; save your videos.

Go to the browser(Chrome, Firefox) and any other browser. Open on your YouTube application. Search the video. Play it, press the Ctrl+c and copy to the URL link.

YouTube download site

Then open a new tab search Save From.net

access YouTube videos for free

Already copy for the URL link at your favourite video must be paste to the save from.net website input box.

 YouTube videos

You have posted to the link then automatically videos download link have on your mobile phone or PC to the MP 4 format with 720 p. If does not choose the quality Youtube audio  only download on your device.

YouTube Downloader

This method uses your Android mobile phone. This method has some disadvantages as Download on high-quality videos that the video should not sound muted. I think it was a disadvantage for me.

2. keepvid.pro 

Many websites are not allowed to download the videos. Some of the websites would have allowed for downloading the videos. Now we see the topic of how to downloading YouTube videos with the website is Keepvid.Pro.
Go to the browser(Chrome, Firefox) and any other browser. Open on your YouTube stream, search your video, play it, press Ctrl+C copy the URL link.

YouTube vidoes Downloader

Open a new tab search Keepvid.pro already you have copied the URL paste as the URL for the inputbox. Your device has a download video link. It represents your video is download.

save YouTube videos

You have select the video quality on this page.YouTube videos are in MP3 format. You Have like and download it. The video quality is your choice.

YouTube videos save

ummy downloader

ummy downloader was a downloading video application. ummy downloader on your PC using for you. You have not interested in downloading the video on the website, you try the application. This method was a useful one. This application should be copy and paste to the URL.


Go to ummy downloader website. Download to ummy downloader application installed on your PC.Open to the application. Now see the next step.

YouTube Downloader


Go to YouTube in your browser. You have like the video, play for it. The upper part of the video has a URL that will copy for it. Open your ummy downloader application. Ummy downloader link on has on your PC. But sometimes, the ummy download link was not to copy for your PC. You have to copy the link, then paste it. Then you have to download the video automatically.

only youtube download

Official ways to download Youtube videos

How to download YouTube videos to mobile gallery. It was effortless, and it was an official method for YouTube stream. This method was to save your net. Because, for example, you have watched some videos repeatedly every time you search it then watched. Still, in this method, first, you have downloaded the video on watching the video offline in your YouTube gallery. In this option only a mobile phone. Now see to the steps:

Go to YouTube, Search the video, play it when you have to download it. It has the download icon on the lower side. Click to download icon.


Then you will select the quality for high, medium, or low. What should be like it you download to the quality of the videos.


Tap to the option library, and click the downloads. You have downloaded the video will be on your YouTube downloader. You have watched the video offline.

final words

We are seeing the methods are how to save YouTube videos on windows and PC and your mobile phone. It was a simple method. You have save the videos on your PC or mobile phone so when you have to watch any time. In this all the methods save your net. your net will be saved. You have get more videos on YouTube application.  It save your net, at the same time you have to download it. This is not used for any purposes. You have any doubts please ask in chat box, I’ll give the answer for you at a few minutes. So support our site and do you have like this site or it is helpful to you please share to your friends.


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