Team viewer is a well-known tool for remote access on anybody’s computer. Basically, TeamViewer is the best tool for windows. But sometimes it may get hacked in your side and hackers can access your details through Team viewer by installing cookie logger and trojan. So here is the detailed guide about how to remove TeamViewer completely and safely. This tutorial helps you to remove all TeamViewer files and software without any hassle. Just follow below Team viewer uninstall guide.


Once you get some issues in Team viewer and looking for uninstall TeamViewer from your windows pc. You may face some issues, And it will never remove from your pc. But now am sharing this guide to remove TeamViewer completely. Just follow the below steps and remove TeamViewer from your windows pc without damaging your computer. Before following below guides, You must end the running tasks on your windows.

At first press ctrl + alt + del buttons in your keyboard. Then you will get running processes in your pc. Just click on the End Task of Team viewer. This step is important to stop all the running process of Team viewer on your pc. Then you can remove TeamViewer without any hassles. Then follow below step by step guide to remove Team viewer.

How To Remove Team viewer Completely

    • Then open it and click on the option Force & Full Remove.
    • Then go to control panel and click on Program Remover.
    • Here you will get TeamViewer folder, Just right click on it and select Move To.
  • Finally tap on the continue button and uninstall Team viewer completely.

Then TeamViewer successfully removed from your computer safely without any missing folders. This method is safe and easy to use, So download run wise uninstaller and remove Team viewer from your windows pc.

If you are searching for how to reinstall TeamViewer after expired and how to reinstall Team viewer after expired, Then just move to this how to use trial software forever post and enjoy TeamViewer again. You can hack a Team viewer trial period and use lifetime for free with run as date. This trick working fine in all version windows users. If you have any issues while uninstalling Team viewer from your pc, Then just comment here.


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