Lenovo web camera not working windows-10

Lenovo laptop has some problem. The webcam is not worked for Lenovo, or the webcam windows are not worked for Lenovo. That is not a big problem. It solves very easy to your home, disguise with someone is not enough. Try to it for one time you can improve yourself. First, we see the solution of windows eight webcam is not worked? Now the solution, following these steps. This is an annoying issue, which seems to be very common with Lenovo games, but can happen to any laptop.

While I will show you how to troubles the Lenovo webcam problem, you can see How to article can help you solve similar problems with the other webcam brands. The cause of the problem stemmed from a problem in the layout of some Lenovo laptops that disable the camera for the privacy of the laptop users. While this is an admirable goal for Lenovo to take this extra step to protect the privacy of its laptop users, one side effect is that it makes the camera slightly harder to work.

If you are lucky, this is the fault with your camera. In this case, fixing your webcam is very easy. If you are not fortunate, You can do some updating or tweaking to make your webcam work.

Windows 10-problem& solution:


The camera does not work when trying to use the built-in camera on a Lenovo laptop. Instead of viewing the image from the camera, you can see an image with a grey background and a white camera with a cross on it.


This strange little problem seems to be a bug with the Lenovo software; the camera is disabled by the “privacy” system without any interference from the user and needs to be turned on again.

When you do the work, the Lenovo webcam is actually pretty good. The colour and the details are solid, responsive, and it works in most light conditions. The Lenovo IdeaPad is a great device. The first fix for the Lenovo webcam not working is in the app. Press the f8 key on the laptop keyboard. It is important to enable or disable the Lenovo easy camera.


1.Check lens cover

Step 1- Look at where your camera is on the Laptop; usually, it is above the frame monitor.
Step 2- Check that the Lens cover is on it and that it is covered.
Step 3- These are usually a small piece of plastic.


2.Enable using keyboard button:

Step 1- Look on the laptop keyboard is a camera icon-usually it around for F8.
Step 2- Press the key to see if it enables the camera.
Step 3- If it does not, try holding the Fn key and the camera key.


3.Enable using Lenovo settings app:

Step 1- Type Lenovo into the windows searching box and select Lenovo settings.
Step 2- Select camera and scroll it, and choose the Privacy mode.
Step 3- Disable privacy mode turn to on and off.
Step 4 Restart your camera.

This privacy system is really designed for your protection. Hacking someone`s web camera is relatively easy if you are able to join the system, and there are many instances where this happens. When your camera is compromised, hackers can use the camera to spy on you or cause other types of problems, such as listening to you in a DDoS attack. While it is not the Lenovo cameras involved, the 2016 Distributed service Denial attack that nearly swept the internet was caused by malware that basically listens to the  Zombie army of cameras.


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