How to find our friend name on Facebook with their photo

Facebook using image search is as simple as accessing the site`s search bar. If you believe you will find someone through the picture, you can try. About 300 million photos are uploaded to the social media website by Facebook users every day. Facebook using image search is a method of finding the FB user profile through Photo ID, Photo search, or advanced Facebook search. Facebook is the most popular website in the world. More than 2 Billion people use Facebook on every month. You have a picture and want to find its profile or related data, or find a Facebook user’s profile and find a Facebook profile, you can try the following methods.

Finding your friends on Facebook is very easy. Because the people, also use the site all the time. How to find our friends, using multiple Facebook IDs with the same name?. You have their photo; thereby, you find their address, Date of birth. It was a straightforward method to find it. Now see the solution of finding an address with their photo or Find a Facebook user’s profile.

What is Facebook Image search?

It is a fantastic technique to find a Facebook profile through Photo ID, Facebook search, Facebook image search, or Facebook user’s Profile search. Alternatively, you use the search engine to identify a user’s profile when you have a name. You also narrow down your search through the advance search option.

How to search Facebook image?

Have you searched for a picture on Facebook? How you find this picture. There is an easy way to find the image you want. Photos with public settings always appear in the result, it has a public Facebook account, privacy settings or deciding factors in a user’s Facebook account. Friends or friends of friends images with privacy settings can be difficult to find unless you are near connecting with that person. Facebook search is differs from google. Facebook has to look at three critical factors when displaying an image for a search query, google Alt will crawl and index images based on text.


  1. It can crawl Facebook photos based on account ID. 
  2.  It should also take into account users’ privacy settings.
  3. Only public photos can show.

Generally, search for images on Facebook, log into the account, and type the relevant Keywords/ results in the Facebook query. You can search for a specific image by adding the phrase ABC`s photos link to get more reliable results. Alternatively, searching for images and profiles is a long, complicated process. You can visit and use the options to cut characters to find a specific profile.

Use the Facebook ID number

Did you know that some Facebook pictures have a Facebook photo number embedded in the filename? This method is relatively easy to use. Follow the steps below to use the unique ID number that Facebook assigns to each photo.

Using  Photo ID Number
1. Look at the file name of the image.
2. The image filename is FB.
3. The file contains 3 sets of numbers. Find the middle sets of numbers. 
Eg:   Fbit=91261861e&set=a.646682546165774.5849.8967958595278733312&. We are looking for the underlined package. (make sure there is no decimal).
4. This number sets in the Facebook users profile ID.
5.Type in the URL: https//****.
6. Enter the profile ID number instead of ***.
7. Press enter and you will be able to see the profile of the FB users. Cheers!

The above methods have some limitations in terms of users privacy settings. you can try it.

Using Facebook reverse image search

Facebook Reverse image search is a powerful technology to detect the source of a photo. Facebook Reverse image search enables you to find similar images from the internet quickly. You can upload images to the search engine, and the engine will display similar images from the internet. You upload an image for a photo, all the photos similar to the source show you. If the URL associated with the image comes from Facebook, you can see the user and other information related to the profile. There are many online reverse image search engines to find information for a photo.

Search by image-Google

  • Visit:
  • You will see a camera icon in the search bar.
  • Click on the icon and upload the image from your device gallery.
  • Enter and when done the image will be shown with the results associated with it.

To get more custom results, you can turn the search keyword into a site: It only provides image search results from except for other sites that show results in the FB profile finder.


You can do a Facebook image search to find users through an image using Photo ID, URL, or big recognition technology with the above techniques; I hope you do this for fair use only, not a funnel. Therefore, Facebook image search is considered the best method to find information about the FB user, using the photo. You can also check, the photos are from Facebook or any other website. The photo is taking from FB, you can easily find the photo ID. If not, you use the generic URL to dig into the right Facebook page quickly. You have any doubt please ask your question on the comment box, I hope we clear your problems. You have like this post please share to your friends and recommend to your friends. Thanks for attending and read to this post.


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