Steam appear to offline on one person

The steam is great gaming app. If you are like a gaming person you can use for it. It is the good and speed gaming app. You play game for online, it helpful to you. Play online games on steam, but you know how to invisible to your friends and how hide you on online. maybe that is not  fortunate, but the steam launches the new features.

how to steam appear to offline?

 it’s just set your PC, find the steam on your PC and play the game with your friends on online, your status and profile will be disappeared to the friends list. You play with your friends and chat with them on online game. It was a great facility on steam users. They are chatting with them and at the same time play with them.

Now how to hide the offline steam for friends?

You are in online, you use the steam, Do not use the steam in offline. You play offline and used the steam, you do two or four seconds on online, then you are in offline and use offline on steam. No different between online steam and offline steam. You play game and chat with your friends, and see your friends on online. These facilities are not to the offline. The new steam launch the new features, for the steam, chat and see friends list with a new design. You are in offline, you are invisible. But you chat and invite to your friends on offline.

How to appear offline steam or Invisible

Online steam shows your details to your friends. The offline is the privacy for save with your friends to the gaming time. So choose the privacy in the offline steam. Now we see how to appear offline steam? the simple ways for you…

 Step 1- Open your browser (chrome,firefox). go for steam option.


Step 2- You cannot log in the steam, you log in the steam with basic information. Click the option for chat on top of the page. enter to the page and left side the page on profile icon click it.


Step 3 Have a page gets on five options; there are, online, away, invisible, do not disturb, edit profile.


Step 4- Click the Invisible or offline, then your steam on offline.

Steam away

steam away is how to get out from the gaming. you can choose the option for the away you are in away from the game.

Do not disturb

you choose the option for do not disturb if your friends list will be disabled.

Edit profile

Change your profile on steam, what you like the profile go to the profile option and set your profile on steam.

Hide profile on offline steam

This option must be privacy on your profile. It is safe for you and it was a great idea to hide on your profile with your friends. You are in online, but hide status to your friends, you can play with them and chat with them, it was a really amazing option for you. You are in privacy but you show your status for one person.

Step 1-open your steam, go to your profile. And into the edit profile.

Step 2- choose my privacy settings it gets some options there are:

             * My profile 
             * Game details
             * Friends list
             * Inventory
             * Can post commands on my profile.

In these five options have three options are Private, Public, and Friends only. you can select any option for you like, and set them on the steam profile.

final words

The steam is the gaming app for use by online play gaming users. I think above the ideas are used to us. While log in the steam to one person and play games with your friends. Playing it and enjoyed it, for yourself. You have any doubts please ask your question in the comment box. You think, this blog is used one, please share this blog to your friends. Thank you for read this blog.


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