How to change google chrome theme

We all use Google chrome. But the Google Chrome homepage was within a white background. But also like to change your Google background colorfully. Everyone changed every PC Homepage. But you can find change your Google chrome Homepage.
Step 1: On your PC. Go chrome.
change google background image
Step 2: Here the three dots on the right corner. Tap that goes down to the settings.

step 3: Down look after you see Appearance go to it if it had a theme. Click the themes.

change google background image
Step 4: Here the Themes, press that, it gives you many themes, you will find anyone.
how to change google theme

Step 5: You go to the Add to chrome and some few seconds, if you have done to change it.

change google background image

Step 6:  You will unlike or change your profile click the Undo button. It removes, then you will change it. Sometimes you can find the profile then changed it.

how to change google chrome background with your own picture

custom google background

    • Go to the Google home page. 
    • Right bottom of the page, you see the button Customize. Click it.
    • Click the Upload from the device.
    • Automatically it is sent to your local device.
    • You will find your images set to your google chrome home page.

how to change google background on a phone

    • Go to Google Chrome.
    • Click the three dots.
    • Then Go to Settings< Themes.
    • If you choose the theme.
    • Done, you have finally set your Google background theme.


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