How to enable Realtex digital output:

Everyone uses the computer with the Realtek digital output. Many computers, the speakers, but the speaker is not enough for the sound of some people. Digital output means the audio does not connect to the computer with analogue cables. The digital output uses are to connect your computer with the audio device and require incorrect features; the connection will be start worked. But the audio is not worked if the computer speaker has a wrong enable process in your hardware, so that will have appeared. It creates by some time we were having a couple of clicks; it must be the problem. The features are so used for you how to use the Realtek digital output on your devices. How to solve the Realtek digital output and connect it? There are two ways. There are:


  1. Set the speaker as default service.
  2. Update or reinstall your Realtek audio driver.


Set the speaker as default service:

The computer sets as the Realtek digital output. We did not use analogue cables or use the speakers for the sound system. I use the computer speaker is called the typical speaker system. But your computer system enabled with the Real digital output. But we have not realized it; we set as to the system with the regular speaker. So you are not to use the Realtek digital output. But this device used to back to our average sound effect.

Step 1- The bottom of the front page to the right corner has a speaker icon right-click.
Step 2- Go to the sound icon and select the playback.
Step 3- This page has four options there are:


*Digital display audio


Then select the options as you like and click OK. The sound effect is changed by the system. You are hearing and checked to below the steps.


 Update or Reinstall  Realtek audio driver:

You could use the Realtek audio output the wrong way or the outdated method if the sound did not pronounce for the Realtek digital output. Uninstall the App and then Reinstalled it; if the problem what are you known for that, and you can clear that problem. You can use Driver Easy; it was easy and credible to you. The Driver Easy has automatically recognize your system and find the correct drivers what you need your computer system for yours you do not it if the system is what your computer you don`t know for it. But you can install this; it may locate in the correct form.


You can install and download the app for Driver Easy, but it is not enough; you can download it free, or Provision forgives some money, and 30 days back, you can again reset to the money.


Step 1: Download and install the app now, Driver Easy.

Step 2: Run it and press the scan button and find the problem.

Step 3: Then download the Driver Easy, and it had the button on the right corner was Update all, press it then your old data or missing drivers can be upload to your computer again.


Suppose your system collected for your computer. But you now again uninstall the app.


Step 1: Open your Driver easy and select the option Tools.

Step 2: Then select the Driver Uninstall and then press the Realtek audio output device, selects all devices, Then press the button Driver Uninstall. If the Driver Easy is uninstalling for your device easily.


Update your audio drivers windows 10:

Your sound drivers are not working correctly or being outdated. So that was worked by your regular speakers, and that is the relay to your speakers. You can try to reinstall it and reset your device again. Your problems solve; you can stop it. But your problem is not cleared; you restart your computer again, and your problems should be clear, and your devices start now properly.
You can reset your device for the computer; you can do it. You can run your device follow it:



Step 1:  Press the window+R and type the dialogue box devmgmt. msc, this is launching your device properly.
Step 2: All the connected devices will appear on your computer in the listed category displayed. Select the Audio input or output any one option click here and right-click to the speaker and select properties.
Step 3: Choose the driver tab and click it. You can get the option is Uninstall to the sound driver and press this.
Step 4: Restart your computer; once you restart, windows will install the default drivers for your speakers. Now check if there is a proper sound output. If so, you can stop here. If there is noise, you can update the drivers regularly.


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