Today, nothing is more daunting than finding an excellent camera filter or photo filtering app for Android. Everyone desires to have more in their shots – which means they want to create a picture that looks like an old pinch of film. If you are also looking for some of the best apps that can help you add spice to your smartphone’s captured pictures, correct colors, and turn them into vintage, read this post now. Here, we have organized a list after in-depth research to grab the most suitable apps for you. So, scroll down and read on!

Top 6 Best Photo Filter Apps to Install Now!

Undoubtedly, Instagram is one of the best applications that offer you photo filtering options that you can use on the go. However, we can also not deny that Instagram camera filters are too limited to fulfill our needs – particularly when we expect to improve our picture look. That’s why we gathered a list of the best apps that will help you a lot. So, take a look below!


Filters App Camera and Effects

It is one of the most exceptional and popular camera filter apps to fine-tune all filters and vintage vibes with just a few clicks. If you want to take your photos to a whole new level, you should give a try to this app that holds multiple Instagram camera filters for free. The best perk of this app is the live filter modes that you can set while capturing a photo. This app’s best-known filters effects are Darkroom, Hipstamatic, Cinematic, Polaroid Cam, Old Retro, and Glitch. However, you can also call this app an excellent beauty cam or Lomography that works like Instagram filters but offers a wide range of filters, making them look Lomographical. 


Here is another best photo filter app that you might love to use – if you are looking for adjustment tools plus filters under one roof. Besides, it is one of the most reputable apps – on the app store – that holds plenty of professional filters. Each filter is created to communicate a confident attitude in a shot, not just boost shine, disparity, etc. The good thing about this app is that it also works as a Lomography camera, providing a wide range from clear and fresh filters to adding sleekness to your pictures. Also, it offers a bunch of 50+ adjustment tools that will help you improve your already captured shots. 


What do you call a photo filter app if it offers you 150+ aesthetic filters, beautifying tools, and double exposure edits? Of course, such apps will get dropped in the category of versatile. Well! Photoleap is the best photo filter app that offers you the freedom to add perfection to your phone captured shots. It has a clean and user-friendly interface that an android user will surely adore. Apart from this, Photoleap holds layers and blending modes, mesmerizing effects, brushes, tone adjustments features, and more. 



It feels good to have a photo filter app that can work best for content creators. Today, many people desire a tool that lets them play along with filtering modes, remove background, add fonts and elements, and improve clarity. Maybe you get amazed after hearing that Polarr is one of those best apps that help you get things done on the go. You should note that a Polarr is much more than a filter app. In addition to revising tones, you can include your overlays, face enhancements, or change objects with AI. You can also use this app to create aesthetic videos with Polarr 24FPS for free. 


It is yet another platform on the board as the best photo filter app for android users. It is a robust, feature-luxurious editor offering an extensive selection of image filters. One of the good things about this place is its interface that makes a user feel comfy and secure at all costs. Another exciting feature is that users can apply a filter to a “live image or video.” Besides, you will have a range of sound, flush, and vintage effects that will enhance your photos on the go.



Yet another luxury-grade camera filter app that can twist your boring photos to exciting and pleasing spice in one go. VSCO is the creator’s choice that offers a range of vintage, B&W, retro, and monochrome filters that will make your phone-captured photos fantastic. Besides, this app offers adjustment tools and modes to enhance your photos further. It holds the element kit that would offer you touch-up stockers, themes, and fonts to make your shots more attention-grabbing. Another advantage of this app is that all the filters look natural and transparent when applied to already captured shots. 

End Words

So, readers, these are some of the best camera filter apps that you can use to make your pictures look fascinating. However, the good thing is that you can effortlessly find all the mentioned apps on your app store using android devices. If you have not used these apps yet, give them a try now.


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