Nowadays, nothing is more difficult than finding the perfect camera filter or app to filter photos to use on Android. Everybody wants to add greater quality photos, that’s why they’d like to produce a photograph that resembles vintage film. If you’re also searching for top applications that will help enhance images taken with your phone to correct color transform them into old-fashioned, check out this article today. This is a list of the best apps. the top 10 apps after extensive study to find the top apps that are suitable to help you. Therefore, scroll down and continue reading!

Top 6 Best Photo Filter Apps to Install Now!

It is no doubt that Instagram is among the most popular applications that gives the option of filtering your pictures to use at any time. We can admit the fact that Instagram filter options are inadequate to satisfy our needs especially when we want to enhance our photos. This is why we have compiled some of the top applications that can help significantly. Take an overview below!

Filters App Camera and Effects

It’s one of the top and well-known camera filters that can fine-tune the look of all filters, vintage and retro by just clicking. If you want to take your photos to a whole new level, you should give a try to this app that holds multiple Instagram camera filters for free. The most appealing feature of this application is the live filter settings that can be set when you take photos. The most well-known effects of this app include Darkroom, Hipstamatic, Cinematic, Polaroid Cam, Old Retro and Glitch. But, it is also possible to consider this application to be a great Lomography camera, which functions like Instagram filters however it offers many different filters. They make the app appear like a Lomographic. 

After light

This is a different top image filter application that you could love to make use of if seeking adjustment tools and filters all under one roof. It is also among the top-rated applications – available on the App Store – which includes a wide range of professional filter. Each filter is designed to convey confidence when taking a picture, and instead of just increasing brightness, impact, or other. The best part about the application is that it functions as a Lomography camera offering a variety of crisp and clean filters, giving your photos a sleek look. Additionally, it comes with an array of more than 50 adjustments tools to assist you in improving your shot images.

Photo leap

What is an app for photo filters that offers hundreds of beauty filters, aesthetic filters as well as double exposure editing? Naturally, these apps are likely to be tossed out of the category of multi-functional. Well! Photoleap is a top application for filtering photos that gives users the ability to add quality to your phone’s captured images. It is a simple and intuitive interface that every Android user is sure to love. In addition, Photoleap holds layers and mixing modes, stunning effects such as brushes, tone adjustments tools, and many other features.


It is a pleasure to use a tool for filtering photos which is ideal for people who create content. Many people today want an app that allows them to experiment with filters and remove background images, as well as add elements and fonts, and enhance quality and clarity. You might be amazed after discovering that Polarr is among the top apps to help complete tasks while at the touch of a button. Be aware that Polarr is more than just a filter application. Along with revising tone and blending, it can also add overlays, enhancements to faces, and even change the appearance of objects using AI. Additionally, you can use the application to make beautiful videos that use Polarr 24FPS absolutely no cost.


It is yet another platform on the board as the best photo filter app for android users. It is a robust, feature-luxurious editor offering an extensive selection of image filters. One of the good things about this place is its interface that makes a user feel comfy and secure at all costs. Another exciting feature is that users can apply a filter to a “live image or video.” Besides, you will have a range of sound, flush, and vintage effects that will enhance your photos on the go.


Yet another luxury-grade camera filter app that can twist your boring photos to exciting and pleasing spice in one go. VSCO is the creator’s choice that offers a range of vintage, B&W, retro, and monochrome filters that will make your phone-captured photos fantastic. Besides, this app offers adjustment tools and modes to enhance your photos further. It holds the element kit that would offer you touch-up stockers, themes, and fonts to make your shots more attention-grabbing. Another advantage of this app is that all the filters look natural and transparent when applied to already captured shots. 

End Words

For those who are interested, here are the top filters for cameras that can be used to help your photos appear fascinating. But the best part is that it’s easy to discover all of these apps through the app store for Android devices. If you’ve not tried this app, then consider giving them a shot.


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