Soundcloud is the best online music resource with the biggest collection of audio files. You can enjoy big-budget pandora and Spotify despite audio files for free of cost. Soundcloud does not offer any download option for audio files. But you can use some online Soundcloud converter to convert SoundCloud to mp3. Here in this How To Convert Soundcloud To mp3 post is sharing an easy method to download audio files from your android mobile and windows pc using third party online tools.

When the first time, it offers a downloading option with the previous version Soundcloud. It helps users to download audio files from Soundcloud and keep them for offline access. Now after made some changes, Soundcloud converts all audio files into small data files. Then you can only stream these audio files using SoundCloud. But now, some third party Soundcloud to mp3 converter tools allow us to download songs from SoundCloud.

The below steps are working fine in android mobile, windows pc, and mac. Some songs are easy to download on Soundcloud by using the official download option. But unfortunately, all audio files are not supported to download. Here follow the below convert SoundCloud to mp3 method and enjoy mp3 files.

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How To Convert Soundcloud To mp3 

Here are the latest methods to download SoundCloud to mp3 online. Just follow the below steps and enjoy mp3 files from SoundCloud on your devices.

Soundcloud To Mp3 Converter Android :

    • Play the song which you want to download on your android mobile.
    • Pause the song in middle and open your file explorer.
    • Open /sdcard/android/app/
    • Locate the streamed song and copy the file into another folder.
    • Edit the file name and format as .mp3 after the file name.
  • Then your mp3 file available in file explorer.

Enjoy mp3 files from Soundcloud on your android mobile without any third-party apps. This method was working fine for all private audio files from Soundcloud. You can use Es file explorer or some other file manager apps To find the Soundcloud folder in your storage.

Soundcloud downloader chrome

You can use this method in your google chrome on windows pc for Soundcloud converter to mp3 download. This trick was working via chrome extension.

    • Open google chrome browser on your windows pc.
  • Open Soundcloud and view the audio track page you want to download. 
  • You will get a download link after the track name.
    • Then click on the link and download the file.

Finally, you can enjoy your favorite mp3 files from Soundcloud. This Soundcloud to mp3 converter is completely free and easy to download. So enjoy unlimited mp3 songs from Soundcloud.

I hope this method worked for you to convert SoundCloud to mp3 to save the audio from Soundcloud. Both methods are working fine to download any SoundCloud audio in mp3 format on any device. Suppose you have any issues while following the above steps, comment here. I will help you to download and convert SoundCloud to mp3. Share this post with your friends.


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