The majority of people use WhatsApp. It will be essential to everyone. It is utilized for messaging with text, video, and more. Important to share photos and videos, documents Animation GIFs and documents. You already have these on your mobile phone, but here you can use this application on your computer. It is important that you have a mobile is connected to the internet, as well as your personal computer with an internet connection. That’s means you’re using WhatsApp for your computer. This is This website was an extension of WhatsApp. WhatsApp application. It is a way to have WhatsApp on your phone. WhatsApp transforms when you connect to the computer.

Whatsapp download for windows 10 64 bit

You have already used WhatsApp on your mobile phone but now you are using on your PC

First, you can do open in your browser.  (for example: chrome Firefox opera and safari)
1. Open WhatsApp on your mobile phone.
2. Open the chat and tap to menu then click WhatsApp web

 3. Then automatically your phone camera will be opened and scan on your QR code on your mobile phone on the PC. your WhatsApp get into your PC. 

Without use Website and using WhatsApp on your PC

First, we see how to use WhatsApp on your PC on the connect website. Now I am watching how to use WhatsApp without a website on PC. before you see the method does not like you because that was the web browser type, then you still try another type. That is used to the app WhatsApp in the application method. How to use without a website and using WhatsApp on your PC. following the steps.
1. Go to chrome searched the website then it was sent on the web page, next it was on 34 or 64-bit windows you can see what you like the type of bit select this. Then the app must be download, and you will download the app; it must be install.
2.Then open your WhatsApp on mobile phone and PC.

3. Go to WhatsApp menu chat click the three dots if you have an option for WhatsApp web into the web. Your mobile phone camera is automatically opened, and your PC had the QR code your mobile phone was scanning it then opened automatically.

4. Your mobile phone What’s App chats are connected with your PC.

Then WhatsApp is opened on your computer. When use will use your WhatsApp on your computer and chatting with your contact friends and enjoyed, you will change your DP on WhatsApp and play your status and watch another member’s status. The end is what are the features on WhatsApp in your mobile phone the same features till worked in your PC.

You will be closed WhatsApp on your computer you are logout to the web.

Connect Whatsapp on iPhone to computer

    • Open the WhatsApp web application on your computer.
    • QR code will be displayed on the screen.
    • Tick or untick the unbox saying keep me signed in.
    • Open Whatsapp on your iPhone and go to the settings.
    • Click on WhatsApp web and scan the QR code with the iPhone scanner.
    • Then your iPhone is linked to your computer.


These two features have many advantages, but still, they have some disadvantages. They are you will use WhatsApp on your PC and mobile phone. Then you are leave-in WhatsApp on your mobile phone automatically your WhatsApp will be closed on your PC. That’s a small problem with using What’s App on PC.

 Otherwise, it was a great use for WhatsApp on your PC. Still, what kind of features on your mobile phone in WhatsApp is on your PC. You will use all kinds of features on the What’s App on your PC. I know who the iPhone user they will be connected to our iPhone to their computer is. If you have any doubts, ask your question in the comment box.


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