WhatsApp Messenger is the most popular messenger app with billion active installs. Everyone loves WhatsApp for chatting. Here we back with this super cool WhatsApp trick, How To Hide WhatsApp Online Status, in android mobile. This way gives more privacy in WhatsApp by preventing your online activity monitored by someone.

Here in this post am sharing four easy tips that help you hide WhatsApp online status on your android mobile. This trick doesn’t require rooting and any other special requirements in your device. You can easily hide your online status on WhatsApp and be safe online.

How To Hide WhatsApp Online Status

Hide for WhatsApp

Hide for WhatsApp is a third party android app available on the google play store. You can chat with your friends and family members on WhatsApp without showing your current online status and last seen option. It is a free app and easy to install and use. Working in all android mobiles without requires rooting.

1. Disabling Last Seen Info 

It is an official method working to hide your last seen in WhatsApp. No need for any third party android app and any other tools. Open your WhatsApp settings and click on account. Here choose the privacy option and make it as Nobody. Now your last seen option will never show in your WhatsApp.

2. Blocking certain WhatsApp contact 

It is the official method for blocking someone from your WhatsApp account. Once you block someone on WhatsApp, They never get your online status info while checking your WhatsApp account. Remember, When you are blocking someone from your WhatsApp, they can never contact you again on WhatsApp. Open your WhatsApp messenger, Open who you want to block the person chat page, click the vertical dots; there are more options here; you choose the More option. And it has the option to Block; you click this option, you have blocked the person.

3. Uncheck the Read Receipts 

A double blue check is the option to know the receiver reads your message. You can disable this double blue check in your WhatsApp settings to hide your online status. Open settings and click on account. Now tap on the privacy settings and uncheck read receipts. Finally, your incoming messages never notify your readers about your online status.

4. Hide to Profile picture and status 

This option is beneficial to you because this is hides in your Profile Picture and Status. Sometimes your picture to fix your profile photo, not an important person should be in your contact. So you have like hide to them this option is advantageous. If you not only the profile to hide someone, You should hide your status also what you can do for Open the WhatsApp messenger app

Tap on the three vertical dots located in the upper right corner. Now from the list of options, tap on the Settings. Next, tap on the account> privacy. Finally, tap on the profile photo option and then select (everyone /nobody/my contact) If you choose any other choice. At that same type of Hiding your status, you can choose anyone to above the option. There is a straightforward way to hide your status and profile photo. 

All of the above methods are easy and safe to follow. So follow the above method and enjoy more privacy on WhatsApp. You can use the above tricks in your any android mobile to hide online status on WhatsApp. If you still have any questions related to How To Hide WhatsApp Online Status, Then comment here.


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