Free tricks for android unlimited internet smart sim

During this time, all of us search for Smart sim Free internet. It is free for android 4G net. It is available for the Philippine only. The people of the Philippines are ready to enjoy your free internet service. Am sharing a smart sim for free internet bug for android. Using this free internet, browse and download unlimited without paying. Shall we do the following steps? Am giving an easy method for free internet tricks for android.

The first way

    • Download and install Psiphon handler
    • Open Psiphon handler.
    • Then Proxy type as Real Host or Host.
    • Check on Remove port.
    • Set Proxy server as or
    • Click on the Save button, and it is connected.
    • It will ask you to use the Psiphon browser only or Tunnel the whole device.
    • Choose the Tunnel whole device option.
    • Create VPN severe with Psiphon. Allow it.
    • Please wait a few minutes; it is connected.


It was not only limited. Suppose you can use for a VPN service. As usual, enjoy your day with free internet for a smart sim.

Another way we give for you.

    • First, depending on the APN network, go to your network setting, and Find APN Setting.
    • Turn on mobile data.
    • Launch ProxyLite VPN app.
    • Choose free for the account type—free server for the server.
    • Select your network and input your username and password.
    • Click connecting. After a few minutes, it connected and now using a Free inter for the Smart sim unlimited.

The third way to get a free internet on smart sim for free

Am explaining in the Psiphon handler UI enters the setting.

Enter each of these three URLs one by one in the Pre-query section (lines can be broken by tapping the input key.)

  • Add port to Non-Port URL:8080.
  • Tick on remove Port.
  • Proxy type: Real host.
  • Proxy server:
  • Real Poxy type: Default.
  • Real Proxy Port: 8888.
  • Click Save button, using a free net for Smart sim card.

These three types are beneficial to us. There is a simple way to get free internet on a smart sim. Using data on watch videos, YouTube, social media, and play a game. We think it use to you. If you used it in this way, share your experience in the comment box. It is an excellent and easy way to get free data on your device. This way is saving your money. It is only using for android.


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