MS Paint has been around the 1990s  rest of it; it is almost like it was there. However, installing in the windows, the raw image editing works properly and can perform some tasks we need on the web. This tutorial will show you how to add text, change the text’s size, change the color of the text, and rotate the text. This MS Paint is just okay for basic image editing; if you want to do extra work, you will need one of many projects that make it better. Some of them are free, like Gimp or Paint. Net while others come at a premium like photoshop or Paint shop pro.MS Paint was conducted since this is about let’s ignore them and focus on it.


If you are a Windows 10 user, you have got the  3D updated version of paint. But we do not use it; we have just worked. You have not to get it; then you have to search for the search box on  Cortana. You have searched for Paint, yet you get it. MS Paint does not use for the layer. So you have directly to add your text to the Image. You have don’t touch the cut simply because you can start another time again once it was cutting.


How to add text in MS Paint:

You have added the symbol of the meme; it’s straightforward. I t was added by a straightforward and basic image editor who should be handling this method for fixing the symbols. It begins to add a picture with the Text. You have to try to this and this way to very efficiently and successfully. So follow this instruction:


1- Open up MS paint and what you have using the background image selected that anyone.

2- Select the A icon to choose the tools section in the ribbon.

3- Where you want to add your text, please fix the cursor.

4- Type your message.


Note that you should not select the outside of them until you are finishing because you cannot go back.

How to change the size of the text:

Change your text size is effortless, but you have done it because the simple ways give a refreshing image.


1- Select all the images if you add the text box.

2- Select the numbered drop-down box within the font on the change in the ribbon size text.

3- What do you want the font size? Select this.


If you had a large size so that some text will be cutting off the page, you have selected the size and closed it to get the font’s correct size. It should not place the text, so you can no longer edit it.


How to change text colour in MS Paint:

Changing the text color is one of the easy things to do in paint. There is a simple interface that shows a few colors and the ability to edit them. Again it would be best if you made sure the text is still selectively to edit it.


1- Select all the images if you add the text box.

2- Select the color of the color box option.

3- If it does not work, you have to select the option to edit and used the tone.

Then automatically, your text color changed.


How to rotate text in Ms paint.

Rotate the text is using another type of editing program; since you usually add text as a layer, you can customize it to your heart’s content. With MS paint, you don’t have to use layers, so you have to work a little harder. Rotation only works for the image as a whole, so you want to rotate it while placing text and place it in an area where you can rotate without damaging the image. You can select and rotate text individually.


1- add our text to the image.

2- select the home tab on the top.

3-  On the ribbon, select the select tools and draw a box around the text.

4.  select rotate and choose your layout.


You cannot increase the rotation manually; you have the option to rotate the right 90, left 90, or 180, vertical and flip horizontal. Those are your only options. Once rotated, you can manipulate the text when it is selected. Set text when you click outside of the selection. Undoing is always your friend, but it does not make life any easier.MS paint is incredibly basic, but it can do the job of creating quick memes. Do you have any MS paint tips to share? Tell us about them below if you do. Ask your question from the comment session. Thank you.


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