How to change YouTube dark mode desktop

Everyone is using YouTube. You use the YouTube application at all times of the day, as well as night at the same. Some people, however, use YouTube in the evening. When you watch it the eyes get damaged. This causes disappointment to the eyes. That’s why YouTube launched last year and has a brand new choice that you can use. This is an Dark theme. There are benefits to it. The effect is that your eyes do not look unhappy. It’s very easy to switch between your phone or computer. Google has launched a application for mobile phones that lets you utilize dark mode. 

The dark mode during the nighttime. Dark mode will be extremely impressive to users. How do you enable YouTube dark mode for PC as well as Android. The dark mode goes by alternatively night mode. It is used in at daytime and are mostly used at night.

Here we will learn how you can turn on YouTube darkness mode. It’s so simple. How to enable YouTube dark mode for Android, Safari, Chrome PC, as well as an iPhone.

Make YouTube dark mode PC:

  • Go open YouTube for your browser. (any browser: chrome, firefox, safari, android, PC).
  • The right upper side vertical dots tap it.

Choose the option dark mode and used it.

  • Then your light mode is off. You select your dark mode with on and off.

How to enable YouTube dark mode in Android

  • Open YouTube on your device. (android and iPhone.)
  • Click the account setting for the upper right corner.
  • Then open your settings

  • The first option is general click it.
  • The dark mode option on there slide it.
  • Then have on a dark mode.

Do not like the dark mode, you have removed it

Also, the dark mode can be used by everyone. Utilizing it can be a beneficial existence for the user. It is time to switch off the lighting; now you are using the android as a eye protection. Consider your next step. There will be a time when you’ll employ the dark mode you’ve seen it. It was, however, an excellent and helpful method to use. This is the first time you’ve tried it. If you have any questions, ask your questions in the comments section. This is a great resource to help your friends, so please be sure to share it with colleagues. Thank you.

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